Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting into the swing of things...well at least I'm trying my best!

Ugh! I've enjoyed two snow days off last week, Presidents' Day and then received a "bonus" day off with my youngest who had strep throat. I just couldn't get back into the swing of things today! Luckily I have an AMAZING class who sailed through yesterday with no problems despite a tornado drill (that the sub thought was an earthquake drill and had everyone under the tables) and a second grade visitor that stayed with the class half the day. Gotta love a class like this!  Well as we try to get back into somewhat of a normal routine I wanted to share a few of our big book/chart center snapshots.  This is one of my favorite centers in our room. The activities tend to be changing often depending on the needs of my class. I always have one "must do" activity and then the kids are free to choose from the other options in the center. Usually they choose to partner read with big books, write daily news for the class and butter popcorn words they can find in our thematic charts. They use a yellow marker for the buttering.  I forgot to mention that we call our sight words popcorn words. I've tried heart words as well, but I tend to like the popcorn theme. This week the kids can pick their favorite big book and record on their popcorn sheet any of our newest popcorn words they can find in the book. Simple activity, but they love it! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!

Yes, I know this looks like clouds! It is supposed to be popcorn and my kiddos didn't even mention that it looks more like clouds. Aren't they sweet?

Our big book center. The kids use clip boards when they have a recording sheet "must do."

I LOVE themed pointers for the students to use with partner reading and big books! My lovely cupcake big book pointer is  from Target.  One of my favorite Kindergarten teachers down the hall got one for all of her Kindergarten teacher friends. We do love our cupcakes in our hall! My snow theme pointers pictured at the top of this post are about to get put away and we will be making some rocket pointers to go with our space theme. These snow flake pointers are stir sticks also from the dollar section at Target! Love dollar sections don't you?


  1. I have to keep my stir stick pointers out all year--my kiddos were not happy when I tried putting them away for a new theme. We still have our Santas out, and I am sure we will be pointing with snowflakes in May! My little darlings wanted to know where my Valentine pointers were. Guess it is time for a walk down the dollar aisle. Anyone up for shopping and a cupcake?

  2. Mine asked about Valentine pointers too! I'm already thinking about rabbits and other spring things. Can't let them down again. I'm always up for shopping and cupcakes by the way!


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