Monday, February 27, 2012

Reading Inventory and Common Core

Happy Dr.Seuss Week! The elves Zippy and Charlie from our hall are having fun with The Cat in the Hat!

Common Core is no longer a "scary" phrase around our grade level at my building. Just like many of you we have spent hours aligning our curriculum. Since we adopted a new reading series this year it was a perfect chance for us to really examine our different reading inventories and strategies.  My buddy teacher Mrs. Burton took her existing reading inventories and revised them into  these emergent and beginning level inventories which are aligned to the common core.

There is also a copy of the parent friendly breakdown of the common core on her class website  This breakdown also includes the math standards. Speaking of math I had so much fun with one of our math center activities today! Since addition facts are such a big focus I'm trying to find fun ways to bring more of this into my classroom. Today we read The Tortoise and the Hare.  I then put out my floor number line and our classroom "tortoise and hare." The kids took turns  rolling dice for their favorite to race down the number line. They used marker boards to write the equation for each roll. (If the hare was on 2 and you rolled 3 it would be 2 +3=5) They had a great time with this today and I'm sure it will be one of the popular center choices for a while! Thanks for visiting my blog today and hopefully you found something that you found helpful!
Well here they are...the tortoise and the hare! Chester the raccoon was cheering on the tortoise who unfortunately didn't win.


  1. We worked on "number sentences" today as well, using red hots to represent the numbers and addition symbols on popsicle sticks to create visual number sentences. Then, of course, they got to eat them at the end--I call this activity "sweet math". I think I'll try the activity you posted about as well. Love this addition game and the tie in to the story. Great idea and so much fun!

  2. I love red hots...cute idea! Keep us posted on any other ideas you have for addition. I'm trying to keep it as age appropriate and FUN as possible. =)

  3. I love your tortoise and the hare math race! Super cute idea!! We used a number line (1-30) like yours outside one day and did something similar but using our own bodies. They each took turns. If they are on the number 1, and I rolled a 2, the class wrote on their mini white boards... 1+2=3 then they shout to their friend to jump to 3! It was a hit in the fall, I think now that spring is coming we'll do it again soon!!

  4. I love the tortoise and hare race! Thanks for sharing it at Math Monday!

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    2. Glad you liked it....thanks for visiting my blog!!

  5. I love this idea! So sorry I haven't stopped by lately. Your ideas are simply wonderful, though. :)


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