Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Saving Pluto! Our Kindergarten Space Adventures!

"Poor Pluto" is a phrase I have heard quite often around my classroom the past few days! I began my outer space unit as I always do by reading a Magic School Bus book about space. When we began discussing Pluto I explained that it was no longer a planet.  My kids were not happy with this news! "That's not fair!" and "The scientists are mean!" were phrases I kept hearing as they worked during center time. When I went to observe in our art center this is what I discovered:

They used various materials from the art center to create "tools" to get Pluto into it's own orbit and become known as a planet once more!  This continued with all sorts of materials for a couple of days. The yellow and blue plastic circles are large "magnets" to help pull Pluto into line. They were having so much fun with this topic I couldn't help but to integrate some writing and math center activities into the fun. Below are some writing samples from this past week.

"Pluto is sad because he is not a planet. Pluto is my friend." and "I will build a big magnet. I will go up to space and I will build a rocket."

We also worked on an outer space shared writing activity. The boxes help define the beginning, middle and end of the story.

As we made up the story together the kids would tell me how to spell the popcorn words. The words with * are how the kids spelled them with their "kindergarten spelling."

Here is a writing sample from one of the kiddos. My kids love "stickies" and we use them often with our writing. Her stickie artwork can be found at the top of this post, but I wanted to share her story. It is so cute! "Hi, I am a astronaut. I went into space. I want to go to the moon and I want to go to Saturn. Good bye!"

I have so many samples from this week it has been hard to choose! I love seeing their creativity when they get excited about a topic! Finally, I wanted to share a few photos of activities from our literacy and math centers. We will soon be ending our outer space unit. I can't wait to see what will spark their interest next!

                                                                                                         Thanks for stopping by!

In our word center the "must do" assignment was to make a sentence out of an assortment of space words. I love how the student in the top two examples filled in words on her own! We've been working on "make sure your sentence makes sense" during our writing workshop time.
Another addition activity in the math center! I did fill in the sum of 5 on each paper and asked them to create their own story addition problem. "Three creatures are on the planet. Two creatures are flying."
This is our awesome model of the solar system that I inherited from a retired Kindergarten teacher! What a good deal! The kids just love it. In our science center this week they read books that focused on each planet, worked with the model and wrote about their favorite planet.


  1. Looks like you have some future activists on your hands! Wonder what great causes they will take up when they grow up? Then they can say it all started back in kindergarten when they tried to save Pluto!

    1. Love this comment! It will be amazing to see what they become! =)

  2. Your outer space unit is incredible! I love how you had them write using "kindergarten writing," that is what I have mine do too! You have such great ideas!

    Apples and ABC's

    1. Thank you!!! I love this time of year in Kindergarten when I get to incorporate more of our thematic activities. They are looking forward to our next one which is "Castles!"

  3. I am glad that your kids are trying to save Pluto. I miss it as a planet - it just seems as if something is missing without Pluto!


    1. I agree! My kids get very excited when we read an older space book that still has Pluto in it!


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