Monday, February 20, 2012

Science Lab in Kindergarten...well sorta!

I love just watching my kiddos during center time some days! It's so amazing what they can come up with on their own when left with the right materials and some suggestions. Last week I read a book about rocks to the class prior to center time. I told them I was putting out my rock collection in the science center for them to look at. These are just rocks kids have collected at recess and have given to me over the years. Well for my class this year it was like a treasure! They set up their own "lab" for observing the rocks. Besides observing with magnifying glasses they also used our mirror collection to create reflections from the window to bounce off of the rocks.  Without prompting they even made their own recording sheets for their observations.  As Kindergarten teachers we are so focused on reading, testing, math skills and  now Common Core that we sometimes just need to sit back and watch these amazing kids we are so fortunate to work with. It was a very welcome break for me before I began yet another round of reading conferences!  Of course I didn't have my camera on the day they set up their lab but I'm posting a few pics of our science center materials and also some fun things from our house and math centers this week.  Thanks for stopping by!

Our Science Center

My class loves playing teacher in the math center! This week they actually got out counters and marker boards on their own and wrote equations. The "teacher" in each group would check the "student's" equations. I loved  watching was hilarious!
I'm always looking for ways to add literacy elements to my traditional centers. The ABC cookies have been a hit this year.


  1. Hi!! I am a new blogger as well, and also a Kindergarten teacher (well K Resource), and also a Mrs. M. (lol), and also your newest follower. Your classroom looks tidy and organized!! :) Have a great week!!

    :) Nancy M

    1. Thanks for following! I'm new to blogging (well writing my own that is!) I have a class that does a great job of cleaning up this year otherwise it's not usually so tidy. I just love them for that. =) Thanks for stopping by and I'll have to visit your blog too!

  2. Those alphabet cookies are too cute--where did you find them??

    meet me at the zoo...


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