Thursday, March 8, 2012

Is it really March already??

Wow...March snuck up on me this year! I think that my class so was so involved in their Pluto/space projects that I lost track of time. Well anyway next week I'm planning on getting to some of my regular March activities and I did manage to get a few started this week. The kiddos are starting to get really involved in their "Castle" projects so I guess I better squeeze in some regular March fun when I can!  For the  activity pictured below I've taken a selection of three and four letter popcorn words and asked the kids to write only a three letter word on each shamrock (one letter on each leaf.)  I printed it as a work sheet at first and then decided to put in in a plastic sleeve and have them use dry erase markers with it in our word center.
Well I am new to Google Docs and I've decided it does not like me. I'm including a link to the above activity because I could not figure out how to create a document you could just click on and open. Bear with me please I'm new at this!

Now another activity we have in our words center has been a winner with my class! I've laminated some large paper shamrocks and made some letter dice out of wooden cubes. Partners start with a stack of shamrocks between them. They take turns rolling the dice to spell a C/V/C word. Whatever letters that land on the top of the dice are used to spell a word. If they are lucky enough to roll a real word they get to write each letter on the leaves of their shamrock.  If their roll does not spell a real word they do not write a word and it's their partner's turn. Whoever has the most shamrocks when the stack is gone is the winner!

Another little twist on this game is to leave one side of the vowel dice blank. The lucky winners who roll the blank side  get to pick the vowel they want in order to make a word. They love this!

Now onto the math center. We've been working so hard on addition lately! I'm really searching (well blog hopping) for fun ideas to help with this concept. Here is my St. Patrick's math center activity for addition this week.
It's a pretty simple activity but I must say that when we worked on the "partners for 6 & 9" papers this week in our math series they did a great job!  I have one more math center activity to share for this week. It's obviously not St. Pat's related but still fun.
I'm sure many of you have seen this before, but I thought the domino cards were a fun change from the regular dominoes. Have a great rest of your week and thanks for visiting my blog!

                                                                                                               Mrs. M


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