Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Time Math Fun!

My favorite subject to actually teach and work on with Kindergarten kids is WRITING!! However, with changes due to the Common Core I'm finding myself focusing more on MATH. I'm loving love2learn2day and the Math Monday Blog Hop!  http://love2learn2day.blogspot.com/2012/03/math-monday-blog-hop-49-march-19-2012.html .  I've linked a couple of my own math activities and I love looking for new ideas each week! 

Along with my literacy centers I'm trying to focus more on math centers and small guided math groups this year.  It's had it's ups and downs depending on the time of the year, but overall my kiddos LOVE their math partner center time. I love that I can focus on the math skills that individual students need to have extra practice with! I just wanted to share one of our anchor charts that I use for voice levels during our literacy and math center times. 
We use hand motions to indicate a BIG outside voice, a not so big center time voice, a whisper ABC/123 (literacy and math centers) voice and a hallway/listening time voice.  Before starting our literacy &/or math centers we review with the hand measurements how loud we should be.  If I have to give any reminders during the center time I ask them to self check and show me with their gestures how loud they think they are and how loud they think they should be.  

Here is a sampling of some of this week's math centers. I do have the kids repeat some of the games for a couple of weeks in addition to adding new seasonal or thematic activities each week.

"Fact family eggs" is our matching game that allows the kids to self check their answers. They read the equation first and try to put it with the correct numbered egg. Then they can look on the inside to see if their equation is listed. I also put spring stickers on the back of each egg to show each equation. The one above shows 1 + 4 = 5.

I'm sure you've seen many different variations on this activity before, but here is my take on it.  I have numbered stickers on the bottom of the egg carton and the students shake the egg carton with two beads ("eggs") inside. The students record the numbers that the two beads land on and then use the extra beads as manipulatives to help them solve the equation. Here is a link to my recording sheet. I still can't seem to get this Scribd thing figured out yet! Uugh!

It's the first day of Spring and we began our Spring addition flowers! The kids choose 10 petals in two different colors. They number each set separately and glue them onto the center of their flower. Finally they write their equation for the two different colored petals.  (4 purple + 6 orange petals = 10 petals.)  Viola! Spring flowers to brighten our room!

Lego math! I saw something similar to this on Pinterest! Love Pinterest! Anyway, these are legos from my light table in our math area. The large circles are misleading in this photo because they are on the bottom of the lego. We only used the raised circles on top of the lego for our equations. Below you can see one of our recording sheets from this activity.

Hope you can find something you can use! Thanks for stopping by...have a great rest of your week!
                                                                               Mrs. M


  1. Love your post. I need to remember the voices ideas...very useful for a lot of situations!!! :) Thank you for posting on Math Monday. Hope to see you there a lot!
    Cindy @ love2learn2day

    1. Thank you!! I love the Math Mondays!! Even if I don't get to it until Tuesday or so... =)

  2. I love your fact family eggs! I'm definitely going to have to make them!

  3. I'm so glad you can use this idea! Thanks for following =)

  4. Ok. First of all thanks for following me! Second-LOVE your blog title! Third-you have now inspired me to redo all of my math stations for spring. (I have been meaning to redo them but haven't gotten around to coming up with new ones.) Now I have 3 from you and a couple other ideas floating around in my brain.
    I will be your newest follower in about 1 minute.
    Thanks again!

    1. Thank you!! I'm so glad that you could use some of the ideas!

  5. What great math activity ideas! Thanks so much for sharing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the voice level chart you made. The visual is so much easier for kids to understand, I think, and my mind is already thinking of how I could connect that to my own hand gestures for reminders. Thanks!

  6. Glad you can use this! I've done this for about two years now and it's been a life saver! I review it frequently at the beginning of the year and we still continue to use it at the end of the year. =)


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