Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TBA and ..oh watch out for SNAKES!

I am a blog stalker! I love browsing blogs and classroom websites for new ideas.  Now with Pinterest and Teaching Blog Addict I can find all sorts of amazing ideas to put my own twist on.  I love to browse the blogs on Teaching Blog Addict and find just the right one to help spark some idea for me and my own classroom. If your reading this there is a good chance you have already discovered this sight...but if not check it out.  
 Now since I love sharing I wanted to post about an amazing Kindergarten teacher friend of mine who is sharing her latest project with me. Mrs. B was my very first student teacher and when it was her turn to FINALLY  be teaching full time in my classroom the class had become very interested in ponds and pond life. One of my students graciously offered to bring in his new tadpole kit so we could observe this transformation  in my room. We were very excited and named our young tadpole "Surfy."

This was a great unit for a student teacher to be involved in...so many endless possibilities for projects!  However, as Surfy grew and grew it became more of a chore to clean his little habitat. I also forgot to mention that both Mrs. B and I are just a little squeamish when it comes to slimy creatures.  Well it was her unit after all so I of course let her have the fun of cleaning the habitat. (We get along great now despite this!)

 One day as Mrs. B was taking care of Surfy I decided to try to help out. On this particular day Surfy decided to make a huge leap right for Mrs. B's face! We were both a little shaken and laughing hysterically at the same time. We decided that it was time for Surfy to go home with my student. So...fast forward a few years and imagine my surprise when she announces her class would be studying SNAKES! Besides researching books and videos I know her kiddos are on a hunt for that perfect snake skin to observe in her science center. I can't wait to see that one! In the meantime here are some samples from her class:

They began by writing their facts about snakes. As a class they sorted the cards into things that are true and not true about snakes.
Snakes created in the art center.
Each student also made a snake puppet in the art center. They began by writing a sentence about their snake and then a "first, next, last" story page. The above sample snake is Rainy and he likes to build and drive an R.V.
 This is "Dee." Dee drives a wrecker and is eating tires.  I love the yellow hard hat on Dee!
During a large group activity they made a list of  __ake words and used the words in sentences. Together they created a class story out of this.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into Mrs. B's room and her snake project samples! You can see more pictures and details of this and other projects her class has completed on her website http://union.k12.mo.us/central/classes/burton/Index.htm.
Thank you for stopping by my blog! Have a great week!
                                                                                                                 Mrs. M


  1. Hi Mrs. M! Thanks for the TBA shout out! I added you on our TBA Fan Page- yay!

    Your post about snakes reminded me of this post I recently did that was about a snake- http://www.teachingwithtlc.com/2012/03/funny-and-very-true-st-patricks-day.html I was scared to death of the snake (and completely shocked too)!

    Happy Blogging!


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