Saturday, April 7, 2012

"How does your flower grow?"

Happy Saturday! I didn't really plan on posting this weekend but my computer has been on the verge of giving out for some time now. It sounded like an airplane getting ready for take off!  I just "had" to get a new one this weekend and try it out! So we have been out of school now for three days and I thought it might be a good idea to check on the seeds the kids planted. These were first planted a couple of weeks ago and we are not having much luck with them this year. My student teacher even added a few extra seeds to the ones that were really lagging behind.  One of my kiddos said the seeds I bought were "duds!"  I have to agree that they may in fact be duds. Anyway, the kids have written some great plant stories and observations that I wanted to share. I'm off to finish cleaning the house and stuffing candy into some eggs for the family.   Hope everyone has a great Easter!   

Here is a journal entry after we read a book about how plants grow. We discussed how plants make sugar for themselves. I love her reaction to this news! 
"I learned about that plants eat sugar. And sugar is sweet. I wish I could have sugar everyday. But I really  do not want to do it because my teeth will fall out. And it's not fair that plants get to have sugar!"  I LOVE  this journal entry!!!

During our writing workshop time another student wrote about roses. We have been discussing seasons changing lately. I love how he tied this in to the ending of his story.
"The rose is growing and it is getting water."

"The dirt is wet and it (the rose) is getting big."

"Now it is Winter! The rose is dying and it is dropping it's seeds."

We've also been observing our seeds in the science center each week.  Some of our plants are doing better than others. I always feel bad for the few who's seeds just won't grow and I try to add a few extra seeds to their pots to try to help them out!  
"My plant is growing. It got sunlight."

"It needs more sun. When will my flower grow? I wish the  sun was out."


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