Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ocean stuff and TAG!

Happy Sunday! I've always liked to stay home on Sunday nights and get my upcoming week planned and organized. With three kids in sports it's the only way to stay sane at times! So as I sat down to review my lesson plans I realized that I didn't put them on my flash drive when I left school on Friday. Ugh. I was having one of "those" afternoons. So I guess I won't be doing any school work now. Oops.  Well now I have more time to do a little blog stalking and a quick post of my own!

Last week we began our ocean theme. I never know how long I am going to spend on this one. I usually judge how in depth we get by how interested my kiddos are. Many of my kids have never seen the ocean so this can be such a foreign concept for them.  We began with some basic literacy and math ocean themed activities that I posted about last week.  Here's a few pics of some additional center activities...

As part of our calendar time I often post a "question of the day."  We discuss different math concepts with the question (counting, more/less,etc.)  Sometimes we sign our names or make tally marks. For this question each child put a dot for their answer. Our concept was more/less.  I also had a student draw the shark...they love when they can contribute to class charts or graphs!

I know some of you may not find a picture of a floor puzzle too exciting but my class is OBSESSED with floor puzzles this year! They literally CHEER when they complete one and everyone in the class has to come running to see the finished product! You can see a portion of the castle puzzle behind this one. They finally finished it for the first time this week and they had been trying since about February! Very exciting day in our room when this happened!

A little abc matching fishing game for our fish theme.  Very simple but they love it!

Now onto some of the activities planned for next week. I KNOW that I saw this next activity on another blog but I can not remember which one!! I also know that theirs was much cuter than mine! If this belongs to you I apologize and please let me know...I liked yours better!

Here is my version of the recording sheet for a shark tooth subtraction activity. I attempted to download a link on google docs but it is not cooperating with me at all right now.

This is my attempt at the shark mouth for using manipulatives with the above subtraction problems. I know I'm not an artist, but (usually) my kids think I do an awesome job! Gotta love Kindergartners!

In our science center the kids love observing shells! I have several activities planned for shells this upcoming week. One of them includes a recording sheet for their observations.

For this week Ms. W and I have some fun stuff planned for the kiddos revolving around our ocean theme! I can't wait!  One more item for this post and it's I've been TAGGED!!! I love this game! This time it was by the lovely Brittany Johnson from Little Miss Teacher

Little Miss Teacher

You really need to check her site out....just adorable!! I've already tagged ten others in an earlier post but here are my answers to Brittany's questions:

1. Favorite t.v. show?  Friends or any of the Real Housewives series (especially NJ) My guilty pleasure!

2.  Favorite grade to teach?  KINDERGARTEN!!

3.  Mac or PC?   PC simply because I have never really worked with a Mac.

4.  Favorite Disney character?  Snow White

5.  Glee or Grey's Anatomy?   Grey's Anatomy

6.  Summer or Winter?  I love sitting by the fire in the Winter, but I'd have to say I'm a Summer girl.

7..Favorite holiday?  Christmas

8.  Morning or night?  night

9.  Favorite Pinterest board?  Well I have "Kindergarten, Kindergarten Literacy & Kindergarten Math" boards but my two favorite are "Hair ideas for Syd" and "Syd Stuff." Syd obviously is my daughter!

10.  Dog or cat?   Cats! I have a Persian and a Persian mix. So fluffy...I just love them!

I hope you enjoy what's left of your weekend....have a great Monday!
                                                                       Mrs. M


  1. Love these ocean ideas. We're starting ocean unit next week. I'm so glad I read this because it reminded me I have a ton of shells to get out for the kids to look at. I love that kindergartners think whatever you draw or do is awesome. Has to be one of my favorite things about this age.
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

  2. It is a self confidence booster isn't it? =)

  3. You have lots of cute ocean ideas. I just started my ocean theme today. However, I am calling my introductory activity "Measuring with Sea Creatures". Stop by for a freebie. I am your newest follower.
    Classroom Companion

    1. I'm heading over to your blog now =) Thanks for following!

  4. I love the idea of an ocean unit! So cute!

    1. Glad you liked it! I do this every year .... so many of my kids will never experience going to the ocean. =( It's a way for them to get to have a little fun with the topic.

  5. These ocean things are so cute!!

    I'm your 99th follower! I'm getting close to 100 too...I have 94. Yay! :)


    1. I just realized how close I was this evening! I'm your newest follower too! =)

  6. I'm follower 100!! Do I get a prize? LOL, just kidding!

    My first graders are crazed over floor puzzles too.
    Love the shark recording sheet!
    Have a great Wednesday!
    Strive to Sparkle

    1. Whoo-hoo...THANK YOU!! Wow, this snuck up on me! I have no prize right now (sorry) but I do suppose I need to think about a giveaway. =) I will get to work on this soon. Thanks for following!


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