Friday, April 13, 2012


In an earlier post I mentioned how much I love working with student teachers. Now my original student teacher, Mrs. B, is getting to work with her own student teacher!  We are both so excited! Ms. H. just began her full time period of planning and teaching. She was kind enough to share some of her fantastic ocean particular PUFFER FISH!  Here are a few pics of the activities taking place in Mrs. B's room this week.  Enjoy!

After reading some ocean books with the class Ms. H asked them to think of a question that they had about sea creatures.  Each child wrote their question on a card and together they sorted them into topics.

Together they decided that they were going to focus on one question. The winner was "Why do Puffer Fish puff up?"

After reading about Puffer Fish the class brainstormed a list of Puffer Fish facts. Each child then wrote their own fact chart. They used their chart to help them plan for their Puffer Fish fact story they would be writing.

Here is one of the finished stories along with a PUFFER FISH!!  Ms. B found these adorable polka dotted balloons at Target! Although you can't see it on this photo each kiddo got to draw on a face on their own puffer fish. Check out the adorable one at the top of this post!

The next few photos are not about Puffer Fish, but we continue with the ocean creature theme. Mrs. B  loves to have her kids perform puppet shows! In this pic you can see the title of their play "Five Little Fishies."

Here is a close up of a few of their puppets. I love the big Puffer Fish!

Back stage of the puppet theater the kiddos have their "script" for Five Little Fishies.  Next week they plan to write their own scripts for their original puppet shows!

The kids each created their own sea creature to decorate the front of the puppet theater!  I hope that you enjoyed this post. I think that Ms. B's class did an amazing job!  Have a great weekend!
                                                                                   Mrs. M


  1. Love the puffer fish activities!! I actually have a couple of puffer fish(not alive of course) in my science center for the kids to touch and feel. They are really amazing creatures. Thanks sharing!

    1. Great idea...I may have to "borrow" the Puffer Fish that's in my son's room right now! =)

  2. you've been tagged! Come over to my blog to answer some fun questions!!

    Little Miss Teacher

  3. I heart your ocean theme ideas! We are doing our ocean theme this week! Thank you for sharing!

    I Heart My Kinder Kids

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