Thursday, April 26, 2012


Spring fever has hit my room! We are so excited about our caterpillars, we have several "special days" coming up and my kids are bonding with my wonderful student teacher Ms. W. Needless to say....there's a lot going on!  So when I realized the next unit in the math series we are piloting was sorting I breathed a sigh of relief. Ah, sorting. This would be an easy topic that we could just have a little fun with. Now, I really think that next year I may actually do this unit earlier in the school year. But since we are piloting I basically followed the order outlined in the series and now is when it debuts.  This actually has worked out quite well because my kids have been in need of a brain break. We've spent A LOT of time lately on addition and subtraction that this sorting unit has been a nice change of pace that the children have really enjoyed.

Ms. W did a great job of planning the math centers this week. Here's a peek at a few of the favorites!
Sorting transportation stickers! My kids love this one and it's definitely my favorite!  

Skittle sorting!!! Of course they love this. Ms. W also has a Skittles graphing activity planned for next week.

Sorting springtime butterfly and flower stickies. First they sorted by color and then by type.

Money sorting

I'm in for an exciting day tomorrow!. Ms. W is helping out in another kindergarten room and I get the kiddos to myself all day. I can't wait...I've really missed being with them full time!  It's almost Friday everyone ...enjoy what's left of this week!
                                                                                                          Mrs. M

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