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I've had so much fun lately reading the "Tag" posts by all of the bloggers out there! Now it's my turn thanks to Marie from The Hands-On Teacher !  Her blog is so cute...I just love it!  You should check it out!

 Okay so here are the rules:
Post these rules ( I almost forgot this part! )     
 Answer the 10 questions posted for you.
Create 10 questions that you want to ask people that you will be tagging.
Tag ten people and link them with your post. Don't forget to let them know that they've been tagged!

Now for Maries's questions:

1.  What is the one item in your classroom you could not live without?
     My large dry erase teaching easel. The majority of my teaching takes place when using this easel..I love to display things on it as well.

2.  What is the last "teacher book" that you purchased?
3.  How long have you been blogging?
     Well I've been stalking reading blogs and checking out classroom websites for a couple of years now! Writing my own blog didn't happen until this past February when I did it on a whim one day. Of course I'm hooked now!

4.  What is the best teaching advice you have ever received?
   I student taught with an AMAZING first grade teacher who was finishing up her 25th year in the classroom at the time. Her advice was to "never get stale." She lived by her own advice and continued to take classes, go to workshops, stayed up to date with the latest research and of course was always trying something new in her classroom regularly! What an inspiration!!

5.  Do you have any big summer plans?
     Not sure yet! I have three EXTREMELY active in sports children who keep us on the go. I haven't had a chance to check out their summer schedules just yet.

6.  What do you give your students at the beginning of the school year? Do you give goodie bags? What's in them?
   I don't always give something out at the beginning of the year but if I do  I keep it fairly simple with some fun pencils and candy. I'd love to see what others do and maybe try something new next year.

7.  Do you have plants in your classroom?
     Yes and they are huge!

8.  Do you remember who your favorite teacher was?  Why were they so memorable?
     Well I've had several but the one that stands out the most was my second grade teacher. She was so happy all of the time and you could tell she just loved teaching. I threw up on her desk once though....I'm hoping that I'm NOT  returned this favor one day!

9.  What is your go-to lunch that you pack for yourself?
     Well I'm lucky and Mr. M usually packs up leftovers from the night before for me! If I'm packing myself it is usually a salad and a veggie burger or avocado in pita bread.

10.  What is the hardest part of your job?
      Like so many others I find juggling family and work the most difficult.  I mistakenly thought that the hard part would be over once everyone was out of diapers. Ha!! I was so wrong! Now it's rushing from one activity to the next and then spending tons of time on school activities when I'm not sitting at a sporting event. I wouldn't change it for the world though!!

Now...onto my questions!

1.  Coffee, tea or soda?
2.  How long have you been teaching? What grades?
3.  When do you do most of your blog posts (evenings, weekends, mornings?)
4.  What's in your teacher bag?
5.  If you were not teaching the grade level you currently are what grade level or special area would you like to teach? Why?
6.  What was the last teaching conference or workshop that you attended?
7.  Do you work with any other teacher bloggers?
8.  What made you decide to start your own blog?
9.  What do you like to read when you are not reading teaching related material?
10.   What is one tip you would have for a new teacher?

Finally, the fun part.....TAG your it! I am tagging

Barb from ...Kinderzoo
Angela from ...Primarily Primary
Erin from ....First With Franklin
Joy from ...Joy of Life 2011
 Katie from ...Kindergarten Simplicity
Sharon from ...Teaching With Sight
Mrs. Bee from ...Bee's KinderGarden

I apologize if you have already been tagged...if not I can't wait to see your answers!
                                                Mrs. M


  1. How do you like the Cafe book? My district has started had some optional trainings for Daily 5.

    I'm a new follower :)

    Lovin’ First Grade

    1. are so lucky to have the option for Daily 5 training! I picked up the Daily 5 two summers ago and then added the Cafe book and a membership to their site this year. I am SLOWLY implementing what works for me. I am going to re-read the cafe book and plan to add a few more aspects this upcoming school year. Since I have not been to any of the workshops I have found their site to be very helpful...great videos. =) Thank you for following!

  2. thanks for tagging me! :) I was the same way with blog stalking, I started with reading them for months and then decided I should try it out! Mr Bee was so annoyed with how hooked I got! :)

  3. Thanks for the shout-out!!! :) I loved reading your answers...especially your teacher advice "never get stale"!


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