Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Designing Kindergartners

When it comes to curriculum it has been an exciting year for us! We, like many of you, are diving into the Common Core. In addition to this we adopted a new reading series AND are piloting a new math series! This year has been a whirlwind of new objectives, materials (yea!) and developing new lessons.  I have enjoyed working with the new series and plan on digging deeper into them next year. However, what I've really enjoyed is sharing with my team mates our different ideas for activities and approaches when it comes to these new series.  For example, our reading series includes oral language cards.  I typically just read the cards and we discuss them. Sometimes we may write in our journals about the topic. Well today in Mrs. B's room  they did something extra that was just adorable! The cards for this week were about different types of houses. Of course these are not just any houses as you can see!

After reading the cards and discussing the different types of houses the class brainstormed different ideas for their own amazing house. Dinosaurs, elephants, snow cones, cupcakes and stars were just some of their fabulous ideas! They also discussed what they would like to include in their home and many wanted an elevator and a water slide! Each child then designed their own house by drawing and labeling their idea.  Check out the blueprints creative!

The "dinosaur house!" This model includes and elevator and slide at the back of the home.

The "ice cream cone" model has a water slide!
"The Snow Cone" boasts an elevator and a detached cupcake garage!
My personal favorite..."The Cupcake" has an upper deck and a water slide!

I hope you've enjoyed their creations! We may have some future designers on our hands! 
                                                          Mrs. M

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