Thursday, May 10, 2012

Release Time!

Well today was a big day in our room...we released our butterflies! Many of the kiddos were sad to see them go but it was such an exciting event! Here's a peek at some of our butterfly activities from the past few weeks. =)
In our science center we kept our butterfly journals. As part of our literacy centers each week the kids would draw/write their observations of the caterpillars and butterflies.  In this center I also have specimen models of the different stages of the life cycle of butterflies.  
Our butterfly life cycle floor puzzle. My class LOVES floor puzzles!  In our block center we have some plastic models of the different stages of caterpillar/butterflies. I didn't get any pictures of these but they have been quite fun for the kids to build houses for in the block area!
Ms. W made some very cute butterfly shape books for our writing center! The kiddos used our butterfly word list in this center to help them with their stories.
The art center was a very busy place for some time with all of our butterfly projects! Ms. W discussed symmetry with them (see the beautiful example at the top of this post) and they made some gorgeous butterfly "super reader glasses" (masks).  You can also see the classic coffee filter butterflies as well in this photo.  
The big day is here! Our release day! My poor butterfly net has seen better days...time to buy a new one for next year. I actually had to staple the top to keep the butterflies in.  
This little one did not want to leave my side!

The butterflies were released successfully (and my pathetic net was tossed in the trash.) Now it's almost time for our plants to go home! Soon...very will be time to start taking things down from my walls.  It's amazing how fast this year is gone! I hope all of you are enjoying those last few crazy wonderful days of the school year!                                                            
                                                                  Mrs. M

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  1. Great butterfly shape books! And I love those butterfly masks- so cute!
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