Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Window Cling Jungle Books

 We are experiencing the end of the school year excitement (only 11 more days) and at times my kids minds are thinking about playing outside rather than writing. Anyone else have this occurring in their room??  However,  I'm thrilled with the jungle stories that are coming together and just wanted to share!! The jungle books that I'm posting are actually just blank books that are in our writing center. The animals are window clings! Ms. W found these at Target and came up with the idea of using them on our blank books. Yea for creative student teachers!!  Take a peek at a few of the stories that I just loved this week:

"I see a elephant. It is gray. My baby brother wants to go under it. Mom said NO!" 

"But he didn't listen to mom. She was not happy."

"My brother had to take a bath and me too."

 "The cheetah is very fast! The Cheetah eats meat."

"Cheetahs are not nice."

Tomorrow Ms. W has some fun monkey activities planned, our butterflies have emerged and our plants are FINALLY growing! So much excitement at the end of the year! Hope your end of the school year is going smoothly...enjoy the rest of your week!
                                                        Mrs. M

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