Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Little Visit Down the Hall

Wow! We have been in school now for almost a week! The beginning of the school year is always a crazy time but also very exciting. This year several of my co-workers and I decided it was time to redecorate, reorganize and basically spruce up our rooms a bit.  I recently posted a tour of my own classroom.  Today I want to share a little glimpse into Mrs. B's room.  I share many of her ideas here on the blog and it's time to show off her room a bit . =)

If you've followed my blog for some time you've read before that Mrs. B was my amazing student teacher several years ago. We've since become teaching buddies who love to bounce ideas off of one another. When we first moved into this building the walls were ALL white and there was very minimal furniture or homey touches. It was very stark and in some ways uninviting.  Well twelve years later we all added bits of color and  our own unique furniture and touches. It was an improvement but Mrs. B and I were beginning to feel a little overwhelmed in our own classrooms. We decided that it looked like crayon boxes had exploded in our rooms. We figured it was time to tone it down a notch or two.  We each chose the above wall color for accent walls in our rooms. Twelve years ago I would have never imagined that I would paint my classroom a neutral color! I had a yellow and red classroom in our last building.  It seemed unimaginable to me but...

It was time though for a change of pace.  I love the results for both of our rooms! So here we go on to Mrs. B's room!

Right inside Mrs. B's front door you will find her calendar area. I love the new blue/brown color scheme you'll see throughout her room, but what really caught my eye was her new idea for floor puzzle organization! Once you become a "seasoned"  teacher ( we started teaching when we were 5 you know...) you find that some of your favorite classroom materials just don't hold up. Sometimes it's just their boxes or containers though. Such is the case for our floor puzzles. What Mrs. B decided to do is take part of the original box and attach it to a basket with the puzzle pieces. Then the kids can see the desired result and it's organized a bit better.

On the other side of Mrs. B's entrance we have her science center and ABC center. I love her lockers/cubbies with her students' pictures!

The house center.The little couch used to be in her reading area but.....................

She was able to add a couch this year!! Yay! You can also see her collection of pointers and across from the couch is an additional shelf with books sorted by themes.

The Art Center

Here is Mrs. B's new behavior board! Her "Get Spotted" concept is very catchy. :)  You can see the WBT rules and the behavior clip ladder. When the students get ready for home in the afternoon she puts a "garage sale" colored dot sticker in their student planner ( you could also just use a monthly calendar page) that matches what ever color their clip was on that day.  It's an easy visual for students and parents to see what type of day the child had. She also is "spotting" kids doing great things throughout the day. If a child is spotted doing something special she writes it down on a colored "spot" (circle) and sends it home to the parents.  Very cute Mrs. B!!

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down the hall from my room. I work with an amazing bunch of teachers and I can't wait to share more of their awesomeness!   Have a great weekend!
                                                                                            Mrs. M


  1. Thanks for sharing--it is all inspiring!

    I want a tiny Chicka Boom tree!!!!!

  2. I love her tree too! I keep meaning to order one and just never get around to it. =(


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