Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Daily 5 Word Work and ABC Choices

It's the 20th day of Kindergarten for my class and things are beginning to move along quite nicely for us! I began implementing the groundwork for Daily 5 during our second week of school.  We began with "I" charts and practice sessions for "Read to Self," "Read to Someone"and "Listen to Reading."  Currently "writing" is an option but the choices are a bit limited until we progress further with our writing workshop time. The kids are able to use word lists, letter stencils and various writing utensils for the time being.  More to come on this....

For my Daily 5 session I am calling it our "ABC Center Time."  This just seems to work for my class. We have ABC centers in the morning and math stations later in the day.  I'm also tweaking the Daily 5 approach a bit to include 6 daily choices.  I've split the word work choice into two categories....word work and ABC work.  For early Kindergarten students this is a huge! By adding this choice they are able to have an additional focus on developing their knowledge of the alphabet. So important before jumping straight into reading words for many kiddos!

Here's a few pics that show you some of our VERY early word work and ABC work activity choices.  I'm thrilled that we have been able to have two rounds of our choices daily! Here's how my communication arts block is set up:
** I'm currently working on some word work activities and reading activities with the entire group. (30-45 minutes)

** When a few of the kiddos leave the room to go with Title/At Risk  teachers for reading we begin round one of our choices. (15-20 minutes)

**After meeting for a mini lesson we move on to round two. (15-20 minutes)

**We finish up with our writer's workshop once all of my kids have returned. (35 minutes)

This may not be exactly the way the sisters outline the Daily 5 routine but it does seem to be working for our class and our current schedule.  This week I was even able to begin meeting with kids! It was so exciting to see their faces when they realized they could actually read!!

I tend to prefer hands on activities for my ABC and Word Work choices. I do add more paper/pencil activities as the year progresses, but for now you'll see mostly manipulative type games, puzzles and activities.  The first activity was inspired by Pinterest! These are some little plastic plates used for appetizers! I got them at the local supermarket.

After matching the lowercase letter tray to the uppercase tray the kids can check their answers on the back of the white tray.  There is also an ABC chart nearby for them to use as a reference.

Here are two more choices that focus on matching upper and lowercase letters....

Some beginning sounds activities...

This activity comes courtesy of my own kids' toy closet. =)  Matching picture snap cubes to the correct beginning sound.  I believe this came from Lakeshore several years ago.  I've also made my own before by placing small stickers of various objects on regular snap cubes and writing the letters on the other cubes with a Sharpie.

For this activity we are using word cards from our reading series. These are obviously all letter Mm cards (the first letter we are focusing on) and each child can make their own Mm words poster.

As part of our word work I also like to include working on NAMES. This is a picture of our name tree. As the year progresses I have various ways of displaying our names depending on what skills we are currently working on.

For our first activity with working with names the kids can simply spell their name with magnets. At times I have the magnet letters sorted by letters. For this activity I like to put them all together so they have to hunt for the correct letters.  Many of the kids also like to spell their friend's names with the magnets.  

For those of you attempting Daily 5 I hope it is off to a smooth start for you! Many of the above activities could also be used in traditional literacy centers as well.  Next week I'm hoping to add new choices to our word work and abc work, but also begin focusing on the writing piece of Daily 5.  Here's a link to the planning pages I'm currently using to help me organize the activity choices.  I'm sure I'll be editing these as the year goes on but they seem to be working for me right now.

                                                                                       Have a great rest of the week!
                                                                                                     Mrs. M


  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas! What a fun way to learn. I'm going to pass these ideas on to some teachers I know. They are always looking for new ideas to help their classrooms be more fun.

  2. Great! Thanks for stopping by =)

  3. Your pictures are gone:( ? I cannot see them.

  4. Your pictures are gone:( ? I cannot see them.


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