Monday, September 10, 2012

The Wheels on The Bus Class Writing

I LOVE The Wheels on the Bus!!  I usually try to incorporate this book into my literacy activities fairly early in the school year.  I was sooo excited when Mrs. B shared with me a "Wheels on the Bus" book that I'd had never seen before....The Wheels on the School Bus!!! Too, too cute and perfect for this time of the school year.  After reading both books and doing some comparisons we moved on to some beginning writing activities.  

We began by creating a word list of "bus" words.  I, like many other Kindergarten teachers, have some kiddos who can't recognize their own name and others who are reading. Reading quite well I might add. I'm really making an effort to differentiate my activities to accommodate my various types of students in my class right now.  Right now my readers in my class are not quite writers just yet. So it was a very beneficial experience for them to help me phonetically spell out the words on our first thematic word list.  Later as we reviewed they had a fun time trying to identify the difference between "wipers" and "windows."  For my non reading students we focused on "yellow" and "school bus" for words that they may use in their beginning writing activities. Overall it was a successful first try at a class word list.

Later in the week I created our first class story activity.  Of course I picked sentences that would incorporate our word list and the popcorn words we had just begun working with (I & can.)  

During a group meeting the class took turns either helping me phonetically spell, copy words from the word list or write the popcorn words to create this story. They LOVED it! They have had so much fun using our pointers and reading it to each other during our Daily 5 time.  I always love these types of beginning literacy activities. The kindergartners are so thrilled when they realize they CAN actually read! Such an exciting moment for any K teacher! : )   Have a great week!
                                                                                                                         Mrs. M

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