Sunday, September 2, 2012

This Week's Math Stations ...Numbers 0-5 Focus

We made it through nine days of Kindergarten...whoo-hoo! I'm enjoying this three day weekend and hope that things begin to settle down into a nice routine.  I did introduce my math stations to the kiddos on day 2.  I focused on establishing routines and just gave them some time to explore various manipulatives, etc.  By day 9 I could tell that some of my smarties are REALLY ready to move on to more challenging activities! You know how it goes...some are ready to begin addition with double digits and others are still roaming the room and can't begin to identify basic shapes or numbers.  The joys of the first few weeks of Kindergarten I suppose but still a bit challenging for even an experienced teacher.  =)

So we are still going to take it slow at first and focus simply on numbers 0-5 with a few other basic skills tossed in.  Some of my kids are still focusing on the routine of our math station time so I am probably not going to attempt to work with any groups this week just yet. If it is all going amazingly well I may just try one or two.  

Right now I have 21 kids and 11 stations.  I have the kids grouped into pairs and one group of three. For the most part the majority of my kids are doing well with stamina and staying with their assigned math basket activity.  Hopefully this will continue this week with our new focus.  

In each of the baskets we have one new activity and for the early finishers I've left in the manipulatives from the last cycle of math stations. I've also included number books in each basket. This really helps with the kids that finish their assigned activity ahead of the rest of the group.

For this round of math stations you will see very little paper/pencil activities.  I prefer using hands on activities....especially this early in the school year. I'll begin to add recording sheets and more paper/pencil tasks as the year progresses.  Math is something that I enjoy teaching but sometimes takes a back seat when planning my literacy activities and centers.  I'm currently loving planning my math basket activities and love seeing what others are doing in theirs.  There are loads of great activities out there that make learning math fun and meaningful for the youngest of learners.  

 Basket 1     Piggie Counting

I LOVE my pig counting set! This is actually my second set of pigs. The first set I inherited and didn't really appreciate the value of them at the time. The pigs somehow found their way into my  block area and became part of my farm unit. A couple of years ago when ordering for a new school year I saw the pig counting set and ordered a new one. I'm so glad I did! The kids love it! It does go up to number 10 but I am only putting out the cards and number cups for numbers 0-5.  I've used this activity in different ways but for this round of stations they are going to draw a card from the stack and count out that many pigs. Once finished they will put those pigs in the corresponding number cup. When the partners are through the stack they can count the pigs in each cup.

Basket 2   Counting Cubes 0-5

This is most likely an "early finishers" basket so I have work mats in the basket as well. When finished counting the cubes they can continue to explore them in various ways.

Basket 3  Match Me

Our math series is focusing on 0-5 right now, however they've also included some activities on same/different.  These cards are from the series but you could use any type of memory game cards.  They are also playing the game "match me" with the bears. One partner picks a bear from the bag and the other partner has to match it with one of theirs.

Basket 4    Writing Numbers 1-2 and Number Puzzle

In this basket I've included tactile numbers for finger tracing. Yes...I will have glitter everywhere but I love glitter so it's okay. They can then practice writing 1 and 2 and work on the number puzzle.

Basket 5 Number Matching Puzzle and Color Matching File Folder Games

Basket 6    Play-Doh Mats

My play-doh mats are always a hit! I think I got them from Lakeshore years ago but I'm not sure. Later in the year I'll use them for addition and subtraction story problems.

Basket 7    Another Number Puzzle, Exploring Pattern Blocks and Number Books

Basket 8   Number Bugs

I love the number bugs! The kids have to match the color pieces, count the dots and find the correct "head /number."  Again you can see more tactile numbers, writing numbers and number books.

Basket 9    Chicka Chicka Coconut Number Book

A coworker shared this cute Chicka Chicka Boom Boom number book with me. It's from Katie at Little Warriors.  She uses the bingo paint daubers with it!  Cute! Cute! Cute!   Like many other Kindergarten classrooms, we have been working with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom so I'm sure they will love this one. =)

Basket 10    Number Stampers

One of the perks of your own children getting older is that you get to bring their toys to your classroom when they no longer want them!  These stampers came from Lakeshore and go to number 10.  Unfortunately we lost number 7 deep in the toy box years ago and it has never been found. = (

Basket 11    The Kids on the Bus

We will be working with The Wheels on the Bus this week so this is perfect timing for this little activity! I have two sets of number cards 1-5 and the partners take turns pulling a card and counting out that many "kids" to put on the bus.  We will repeat this activity with addition and subtraction later in the year.

I hope that you are enjoying this long weekend. Best wishes to those of you starting school for the first day on Tuesday!
                                                                                       Mrs. M


  1. Thank you for showing your math centers. You got great ideas to start this school year.

  2. Super centre ideas for the week - thanks for sharing...

  3. Love your pictures and details about your math centers. Great ideas for the first weeks of school!
    Learning With Mrs. Brinn

    1. Thanks for stopping by...glad you liked them!

  4. WOW!! Your math tubs look AWESOME! I am definitely going to borrow a few of these for the next few weeks! Thank for the fabulous ideas :)
    Rowdy in Room 300



  6. Absolutely love your tactile glitter numbers! I love the use of extra work for the students that finish first. All of the centers are great. How often do you change the centers and for how long do your students work in the baskets? I noticed there are 11 baskets and you pair them up with another student. How do you decide who they will work with? Is this something they do everyday? Sorry for all the questions, I really love the idea and am thinking about how I would incorporate it into my classroom. :-)

    1. Thank you! Right now they are working in partners with one set of three. This means one center is usually not used each day. I expect I will get student number 22 soon so everyone will have one partner and one basket to work with. Right now since it's so early in the year they are working with the baskets for about 15-20 minutes with just one rotation. I'm hoping as the year progresses we will be able to have two rotations. With just one rotation the cycle of the stations lasts about 2 weeks. Once we are able to have two rotations I may have to change them more often.I change their partners with each new cycle of stations. I usually pair up a higher student with one that struggles a bit more.

      Hopefully this helps =)

  7. That's actually my chicka chicka book. I use it with bingo daubers. They dot the coconuts on each page and trace the number. If you look on the cover of the book it actually says my name and blog:)
    Little Warriors

    1. Thank you and my apologies!!!! I just edited my post to link to your post on this book. I LOVE the idea of using the paint daubers with it and now may have to change this center for this week. =) My co-teachers and I have shared so much at the copiers this last couple of years and we're usually in a cover is cut off at the bottom of the tree. That's what I get for rushing I suppose. Thanks again and very cute book/idea!!

  8. You have so many great ideas. I especially love those Play-Doh mats! Consider me your newest follower!!

    Lauren C

  9. I've been wanting to change the way I do math stations for a while. I love the visuals you show. We are working on numbers 0-5 right now so these are perfect. I have several of the things you are using. What math series do you use? Also, do you do any grouping based on ability or any intervention/enrichment stations???


    1. I am currently piloting Singapore math. I'm very undecided just yet if I'm a fan of it or not. I am working with a math group each day based on ability. I also try to pair a "higher" student with one that struggles for the actual math stations. However, if their partner is working with me in an ability group they may be on their own for a bit. So far this has worked for me. Hopefully this helps! This seems to be a favorite time of the day for my kiddos. =)

  10. Cool! I love them all. Teaching and learning can be fun at the same time. :) Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas.


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