Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Beginning to use our word wall!

One of my most favorite things to work on with Kindergartners is WRITING! However, even though it is my favorite even I must admit that during  this time of the year writing can be a challenging thing to teach.  Especially when many of your kiddos are still very unfamiliar with letters and sounds.

Despite having a few that are struggling with the letters that we have focused on so far we are moving right along during our writing time. I love to let writing evolve in my room no matter what level they are at. I still have a few that our only attempting stories with pictures. We are celebrating their work just as much as my friend that is able to write full detailed sentences. 

Today this teacher did her happy dance when she looked around the room during writing time and witnessed the children using THE WORD WALL!

On their own.

Without being reminded about the word wall.

I was thrilled!  Let me begin by sharing with you my process for my word wall.  I have two.

Yes. Two word walls.

One is our popcorn word wall and wall wall contains lists of thematic words we create together throughout the school year. The kids refer to these lists all year long.  Here is a post from last year about my word wall evolution. 

Before anything is added to the word wall we begin by using it in our literacy group area.  Here you can see the current popcorn word that we are working on (like), and our pumpkin thematic word list. 

Once we've worked with a popcorn word or a word list for a while it's time for it to make it's way to the wall! Our writing center and word work areas are located near here so the kids can use the walls as resources when working in these areas. 

So today we sat down to write a simple Fall book....

Before letting the students loose with their books we brainstormed things we see in the fall but we did not make a separate list for this. We simply discussed and brainstormed.

I was amazed as the kiddos sat down to write and began finding items from our various lists that they wanted to put in their books...without being prompted! Yeah! 

I also LOVED how the two boys spelled correctly with a resource and one attempted his kindergarten phonetic spelling. =)

So we are not writing novels at this point but I am thrilled with their progress this early in the school year! We are getting ready to go to a pumpkin patch tomorrow. I can't wait to see what adventures they will be writing about once we return!
                                                                                                         Mrs. M

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  1. More and more interactions with words and write-ups have been endorsed by the state's literacy program for better literacy with children and their development in literature.


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