Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fire Truck Excitement!

Wow. Fire safety time really snuck up on me this year! We've been so busy with apples, discussing the seasons changing and getting our Daily 5 time under control that I sorta forgot that the local fire fighters were coming to visit.  That is until I walked in the door yesterday morning and I remembered. Thank goodness.

Right away at 8:30 yesterday morning the fire trucks came rolling into our school drive. My kids were so excited! I barely had a chance to even talk to them about what was happening so it made it even more eventful for them since they really weren't prepped for it.

I myself was not prepped for the fact one of my former KINDERGARTEN students would be one of the firefighters showing us the fire truck. Oh dear.

I did begin teaching when I was only 10 you know. ; )

He was so nice and did point out that he was the YOUNGEST firefighter in the group.  Anyway, my kids loved the fire safety talk and tour of the fire truck.  Since we really hadn't discussed the fire talks  ahead of time they were very energetic and excited when the firefighters left. It also didn't helped that I had moved a bookshelf to accommodate two classes and firefighters in my classroom. During the safety talked I bumped into one of the moved shelves and knocked the entire thing over.

Seriously.  Not one of my most graceful moments. Also, not good for helping an already overly excited class calm down. So....we just went with the flow and had some fun!

Below you'll find a sampling of some of the "fire truck" activities I pulled together for this week.   We are squeezing many of these things in with the plans I already created. So far they are having a great time with them!

Mrs. B shared this adorable big book with me! If you've not read this story before you really should check it out...especially if you do any fire safety activities.  In the story the lowercase letters fix up an old fire truck and even spell a couple of c/v/c words in the book before saving the day by putting a fire out at the letter factory!

At the end of the story Charley, the boy who the alphabet belongs to, writes a thank you note. My class was very excited to write their own thank you notes to the fire fighters! One of my lucky little guys was able to go out and hand deliver our notes to the firefighters that were still outside.

For Daily 5 time I've added this to our ABC work.  On one side of the fire engine they fill in the uppercase missing letters and the other side is lower case.

Using the same fire engine cut outs (please don't judge...I was in a hurry)  we have a new counting activity for our math baskets.  I am going to be introducing this with a ten frame activity during our calendar time tomorrow.

One of my kiddos that has not written ANYTHING yet this year created this in the writing center during center time! I could hear him saying the sounds for each letter with a friend. We did begin discussing the "Super e!" at the end of words today when we talked about our new popcorn word "like." A friend working at the center with him reminded him of the "super e."  My kids loved the Mr. Harry video/song that goes with this concept!  

There is also a great one called "911!!" Just perfect for right now! 

After seeing there was an interest in writing about fire trucks I decided we needed to make a word list.  Here are the fire truck related words that the kids wanted to know how to spell.  They helped spell "hose" phonetically and remembered the "super e" again! Yay!!!

We then went on to write a fire truck story together.  They orally spelled the popcorn words for me.  It was amazing to see them using the word wall as a reference so early in the school year!  They even wanted to add more detail to the second sentence so the word "red" was inserted.

Finally, I couldn't have a fire truck thematic week without having some fun stuff in our end of the day centers! My kiddos LOVED turning our house area into a fire station today and wore various fire fighter hats and even a fire chief shirt!

I love how they have the firefighter saving the animals in the block area! Too, too cute! I think tomorrow I'm going to put in some alphabet letter manipulatives and see if they create anything to go with our big book from today!

A few of our firetruck paintings

I was so excited to find this adorable emergent reader (FREEBIE!!!) over at Mrs. Will's Kindergarten!  Go visit her blog and you can grab one for your kiddos too. Thank you Mrs. Wills!

Hope everyone is having fun and enjoying all of the excitement that Fall brings! We're heading to the pumpkin patch next week...I can't wait!
                                                                                         Have a great week!
                                                                                          Mrs. M


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