Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Math ....Tallies and Addition

Oh the joys of technology....can't live without it but yet right now I'm not living with it very well.  Somehow my Google Picassa Album was accidentally deleted and the majority of the photos on this blog were deleted as well.  I'm hoping there is a way to restore them but I'm not having much luck right now. I suppose in my spare time I'll get busy re-linking as many of the photos as possible.

Yay!   Not.  

Anyway it's on to some Monday Math! Before the hub-bub of Christmas gets underway in our classroom I just wanted to have a nice, CALM week of activities not necessarily focused on a holiday or theme.  So take a peek at two of our new math stations that do just that.......

We have been busy bees working on ways to make five.  We've spent time during our calendar time and past math stations on working on this skill. Now we are beginning to work on ways to make numbers 6-10.  For this activity the kids pull a number card out of the box and then form the tally combination to match it.

Using number cards again here is a simple clothes pin addition station.  I think the kids like this one simply because of the cute little pocket chart. This is a "dollar store" find of mine from last summer!  

We do have one new math station that is holiday related this week.  I'm hoping to gradually begin adding all of the Christmas activities so that we aren't overloaded all at once.  We're calling this one "Race to the North Pole."  I have a large 0-10 number line.  The players roll a dice to move their character along the line on the way to the "North Pole." You could use any Christmas stuffed friends for this. We're using a Christmas puppy and Madeline (we will be reading Madeline's Christmas soon.)   

Well I'm off to begin trying to repair the damage to this poor little blog! In any case I'll learn to be a little more careful and I look forward to sharing lots more of what's happening in our room!
                                                                                   Happy Monday!!


  1. So sorry to hear about your lost pictures! Good luck fixing all of your links. I love reading your blog. :)

  2. Thank you so much! It will be a l-o-n-g process but I've been able to start re-linking photos from the last few posts. Thanks for reading this blog!!

  3. I love the race to the North Pole game and the suggestion of easing students into Christmas/holiday themed centers. Thanks for the ideas!


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