Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Math.....Adding to 5

Quick calendar activity for adding to 5.  Turn the counters to form a new equation and have a helper put the marker by the correct equation

Happy Monday!! I have a two day week this week....very thankful for that due to having lots and lots to get done before the holiday!  I am currently piloting a new math series again this year. Currently I am piloting Singapore Math and last year I piloted Go Math.  Although I don't feel I've worked with Singapore Math long enough to give my honest opinion I will say that I was a bit concerned that my kids have not been working with adding / subtracting to 5  just yet  (Common Core K.OA.5.) From looking at the series it appears that this is introduced later in the year but I wanted to get a head start on it.  Last year my kids were working with this very early on and since we have several teachers continuing the pilot with GO Math I wanted to cover my bases and make sure my kids were being introduced to this skill early enough.  

So we have been working with various five frame activities in our math stations and guided math groups but I just felt like they were not grasping this concept as quickly as my class last year. I decided to add some "ways to make 5" to our calendar time.  Above you can see the pocket chart I sometimes use for coins to add and match to the date. I tend to change my calendar activities each month so the kids don't get bored. So right now we are using this for our double sided counters.  As a quick review each day I change the colors around to form different equations and then I call on a helper to match the circle counter to the correct number sentence. Quick and simple!  

After we return from our Thanksgiving break I am going to continue with "ways to make 6,7,8,9 and 10."  (K.OA.5 and K.OA.3)  Then we will begin with working on similar activities for subtraction to five.  

So I'd love to know about the types of simple activities you incorporate into your daily routines for "ways to make five!"
                                                                                                     Mrs. M


  1. I'd love to hear more about your calendar routines...can you share?

  2. nice blog.. it would have been more good if there were a couple of photos!
    cool math 4 kids

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