Monday, November 12, 2012

Turkey Time and Mr. Harry

Well it's turkey time in our room!  The little critters just seem to be popping up in all of our centers and various other activities!  It all started over the weekend when I heard from one of my little smarties mom that her little guy was INSISTENT that Tt was a vowel.  There was no changing his mind about this matter....she said that he even spoke about it to God. Mercy!! But, anyway we figured that it has something to do with the fact that his name starts with "T" and he really wants his letter to have super powers like Super E! on Mr. Harry's Kindergarten page!

Well who wouldn't want their letter to have super powers? However, we needed to get this cleared up so today we began our day listening to Vowel Bat and Super E! from Mr. Harry's You Tube Page.   Afterwards we listed all of our vowels and consonants.  As I pointed to different letters the kids would yell out CONSONANT or VOWEL for the various letters.  Mr. T was not impressed with the cheering section for T being a consonant. 

He told me that he would be working on a way to make a Tt a vowel...... 
I wished him luck in this endeavor. 

However, since Tt is now a spotlight letter for us we began discussing what else but ....turkeys!!!  We added a new activity to our "read to someone" choice during daily 5.  I have incorporated my charts/big book center in to this Daily 5  choice.   The kids could take turns reading "Two Fat Turkeys.' Then they could circle all of the vowels they could find with a dry erase marker.  We did get a couple of t's circled. Apparently we will be continuing to discuss that Tt is not a vowel.  =)

The turkey fun continues in the science center with our turkey feather observations.  We will be recording our observations and turning them into a class book for the science center.

In our art center we have a few pictures of turkeys the kids are using as a reference when they work on their turkey paintings and projects. Check out the fun turkeys below!

We also had a few math station activities focused on turkeys....

This poor activity has seen better days but they still love it! I have turkey cut outs that can be placed on the lines for each verse or they can write the numbers on each line.  Turkey #5 must have decided to escape today because he is currently missing. We're all on the look out for him now! 

For this math station we are making the infamous hand print turkeys. They can choose two colors to fill in their "feathers" and make an equation for 5.

Here's another activity focused on the Five Little Turkeys song. There is a page for each number  that they illustrate. They have a cute little book when finished!  We currently LOVE the 5 Little Turkeys song  from Mr. Harry!  

Now the next two math station activities do not have anything to do with turkeys of course...but they do go with the season!

Fall leaf sticky patterns that students place on their card and then repeat the pattern by drawing the leaves themselves.  I know that patterning is not a Kindergarten core concept...but I still feel it's important for them to participate in patterning activities from time to time.

Simple, but they LOVED the Mayflower Math station!

For this one we have 5 pilgrim passengers on the Mayflower. We then have 5 extras.  The kids then  orally make up their own addition 5 group story problems to go with the manipulatives and then record their results.  

Well we still have a few more fun Fall activities lined up for the rest of the week. But for now I'll leave you with one more of our favorite Mr. Harry turkey videos! WILL be stuck in your brain for a while!


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