Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekly Review

It's the week before Thanksgiving and we have lots and lots of fun things happening in our room! Here's a peek at our week and all of the turkey activities taking over our room! Above is a picture of our "Mayflower and Pilgrims" that are currently available in our block area! You have to use your imagination of course but the kids sure are having a good time with it!

One of our predictable charts we used during shared reading time.  Below is the pocket chart activity that went with it. Most of the charts we've used this year involved the kids putting sentence strips in order. For this one I cut up all of the words and they could make the individual sentences on their own.  For many of my kids this was a little early in the year for them to attempt this. For the superstars however it was a nice challenge!  

Our turkey word list and some turkey sentences we wrote together.  

Some of our favorite books about turkeys!! We discussed how these books are different than the turkey facts we had been writing in our journals.  One of my kiddos called them "turkey adventures!!"  So we decided we needed to write our own turkey adventures! Since we are working on our writing stamina during our writing time we've only begun the covers of our adventures so far. I gave each child a blank book labeled "turkey" and a brown circle.  They could turn the circle into a turkey and work on making the rest of the cover beautiful!  We talked about really taking our time with our covers and making them as detailed as possible.  The majority of my kids have been working on their COVERS for two days! I'm hoping their interest continues into next week and they can continue to actually begin writing their adventures!

Some of our beautiful turkey book covers!!

 This week we also compared the real turkey feathers to those colorful types we had available for our projects in the art center. click here to see some of our other Turkey Time activities this week!

Ahhh...the tee-pee.  

I was so thrilled when my kids outgrew this and I could bring it to school!

Then I experienced 20+ five year olds wanting to use the tee-pee at the same time.  

Didn't seem like such a good idea anymore.  

But now that I've had it in my room for awhile I now have a system that seems to be working. We do not use it for reading during Daily 5 (ABC centers in my room.)  It's just too much of a distraction and gets to be too noisy for those walking by it.  They like to peek in the windows a little too much. =)   We use it for traditional centers and only two kids reading in it at a time.  Today I let two kiddos with exceptional behavior read in it during our quiet time! That was a hit and something that I'll continue next week!  

Hope you had an amazing week......I know I'm looking forward to a short week next week and a few extra days off! 
                                                                                                   Mrs. M

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