Monday, December 10, 2012

Cookie Math!

Okay....My class may have a slight obsession with this song from Mr. Harry's Kindergarten Page

I love it too but boy does it get STUCK in your head      All. Day. Long.

Since we seem to really love the little gingerbread guy we are going to have some of our math stations this week focusing on cookies. =)

Here is a song chart that coordinates with the gingerbread song.  They loved reading this in our math center today!

We have just begun learning about subtraction recently.  So this little chart is quiet helpful with learning -1!  Below you can also see the activity sheet that goes along with our chart.  I've asked the kids to be creative and draw their gingerbread man on a tray while one is running away.  We just started this today but so far they are turning out really cute!

Since we are still working on addition of course we also have a gingerbread man addition station. For this one we are adding sums up to 5.   Once again I'm asking the kids to use their imaginations while creating the background or the scene for the gingerbread.  The only rule is that they can take no more than five gingerbread men.  I can't wait to see these after we've had a few rounds of math stations this week!

In our writing center this week we are writing about our favorite types of cookies! I'm also asking the kids to think about this cookie while working with the following math station:

This example is adding the chocolate chips on each cookie, However, I told them they could add m&m's, sprinkles or whatever else is on their favorite cookie.  This time we are working on addition with sums up to 10 so I told them they could have no more than 5 items on each cookie.

Our last cookie math station is a counting book from Creative Teaching Press.  Very simple but they loved it!

It's unbelievable that we only have nine school days left until our holiday break! We have so much to do! For right now though I think I need to have a cookie. =)

                                                                                          Have a great week!
                                                                                          Mrs. M


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