Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Drago the Dragon

We had a visitor yesterday! This is Drago the Bearded Dragon. He belongs to Mrs. G one of our sped teachers.  Recently one of my little shining stars was able to work with our Kindergarten para on some writing activities. During her visits upstairs she became friends with Drago.   You can click here to see what we did with Drago's shed skin that she brought back to the room.  So recently my little cutie decided to write an AMAZING book about Drago.  The rest of the class had a heads up that there was a real live DRAGON in the building but they had no idea of what he really looked like. They were so excited when they found out their friend was going to share her story about him.  They were even more excited when they found out that he was going to visit as she read her book to them.  I just love the fact that he smiled at me as I took his picture!!

Below is this wonderful story about Drago. This shining star was able to work on her book individually with our para. She did do all of the kindergarten spelling on her own but was able to stay organized an on track with her work with the help of the para. She worked on this story for approximately one week.  Of course not all of my kiddos are writing at this level....but more on that in a bit. =)

"Two people found Drago in a big prickly tree."

"They thought he was stuck in the tree. So they got a ladder to get him out of the tree."

"After they got him out of the tree they took him home.  Drago stayed with them and became their pet!"

We were able to use her story for so many class discussions! We created a story map of characters, setting and the "problem" of the story that was solved.  We are also working on the reading goal of "expanding vocabulary."  We have been discussing two strategies....."tune in to interesting words" and "use new and interesting words in our writing."  Everyone was quick to point out the author's use of the words "prickly and bumpy."  After discussing the meaning of these words they were able to feel Drago's skin for themselves just to see how bumpy it actually is. 

Drago was so calm the entire time my class was petting him!!

Now, we all know that most Kindergartners are not writing at this level at this point in the school year. However, by sharing her work with the rest of the class I saw an AMAZING improvement in regards to effort from the rest of my class today during writer's workshop!  Many began writing their own plans for a Drago story in their journals.  

In this example below you can see one of my student's plans for her drago story in her journal. This was started yesterday after visiting with Drago.  Today she began working on her short story about him.  I'm curious to see the direction her story will take tomorrow once she has more time to work on it!

As an incentive to work as hard as possible to create wonderful Drago stories....Drago himself has volunteered to visit our classroom once again. The next time he wants to hear all of their stories about him!! He loves the spotlight apparently!! 

One last Drago pic before I go..........

Drago loved his lettuce snack!
Poor Drago was so tired after all of the visiting, petting, posing for the camera and snacking that he promptly went back upstairs and took a nap!

                      Enjoy the rest of your week!
                                Mrs. M

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