Sunday, December 2, 2012

Favorite Things....Dragon Skins, Zippy the Elf and Worms

Such a busy time of year!! There are lots of fun things going on in our's a peek at some of our favorites for last week!

Above and below you can see the skin shed from one of our resource teacher's dragon lizard! Two of my kiddos who were visiting who room brought this back to share in our science center. Everyone was soooooo excited!

The same day that the dragon skin arrived my Hibiscus began dropping some blooms. My class began performing experiments on them in the science center. 

Our post office center is up and running. The kids are LOVING it!  You can check out how I implement phase one of this center here.

Zippy is here!!! We began our first writing project focused on our favorite little elf!

"The elf is getting clips. He's thinking of eating chocolate."  I told the kids that Zippy checks our behavior clips each day. I also told them about how last year Zippy got into my personal chocolate stash and made a real mess of things. =)  I loved how she added a thought bubble for zippy and details from our room like the alphabet chart. 

"The elf might get in Mrs. Meyer's chocolate.  The kids did not know that the elf is going (to do that.)"  

"Zippy is being good."  This little guy told me he didn't think Zippy would get into my chocolate again this year. 

"The elf is climbing a tree to spy in it."  As you can see in the picture above Zippy's first hiding spot in our room was in one of our trees!

Lastly, my kids had a real treat this week when one of my former students came to our class and read us this book....

My kids absolutely loved this story!!  I think I laughed as much as they did. It's a must for my next book order! 

This upcoming week we will be diving into our Christmas activities! I can't wait to get started! Have a great week.....
                                                                                    Mrs. M

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  1. I even do not know what to say… This photos so… so… full of life! They are amzing. Thank you.


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