Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Math....Easy Set Up Christmas Math Stations

Happy Monday!!!

This time of year can be crazy! In my area we happen to be experiencing temperatures in the 70's which is very unusual! We're usually very chilly by now. Alright....usually down right COLD!  So this means that on top of the usual buzz around this time of year my kiddos have a bit of Spring fever on top of it! =) 

I'm really trying to keep things exciting around here while still experiencing a sense of calmness in our room...wish me luck! One thing that I'm doing a bit differently this year is introducing my Christmas centers (literacy and math) in stages instead of all at once. It may mean that we are not working with each of the activities for as long but it is helping with keeping the chaos down to a minimum!

Just a bit.

 Also my kids are looking forward each week to see what new things things they are going to be working on .  I'm also attempting to keep my stations and centers as simple as possible. This is a plus for me of course in regards to planning but also for the kiddos who are just a little overwhelmed during this time of the year!

Last week I introduced Race to the North Pole Game

The kids are doing great with this one and it's still a favorite after one week. 

We have three new Christmas related math baskets for this week.  I hope you find something that inspires you!

Station 1.....Ornament Addition to 10

This is one of my favorites. I love the combinations of items they use to make their trees.  In this station  I put out baggies of small art materials. I ask them to pick TWO to decorate their Christmas tree with. They can take no more than FIVE from each of the two bags. 

After they decorate their tree with their chosen items they finish their number sentence to go along with it.

Station 2 .....Adding On

Our second new activity comes from Mrs. B down the hall from me!

This one is great! At first I was confused when she showed it to me. I thought it was color coded, but actually it doesn't matter what color markers they use.  They roll the first dice with the numeral on it. Then they roll the second dice with the dots. That is what they are adding on to their first number. In the example above it would be 6 + 2=8. So they could pick one of the number 8 sections to color on the sheet.

Station 3....Ornament Patterns
The last station is super simple however it can be modified for higher level thinking very easily. 

As you can see here my little friend did a nice A-B pattern for his ornaments.  I know patterning is not a CAS anymore but it's still a skill I find important to include activities on in my classroom. 

Some of my little smarties practiced making more challenging patterns on each one of their ornaments. There are many possibilities.  I've also used various other art supplies with this activity other than just coloring the ornaments. =)

Well there you have it....some easy math stations to add to your week! =)

On another note....I've gotten some emails from some readers about pictures in some of the posts on this blog not displaying. I'm aware of the situation and am slowly working to re-link photos that were deleted on the blog.  It had something to do with my picasa album being deleted on accident. =(  I appreciate everyone who reads this blog and will be fixing this in my spare time as quickly as possible.  I think I'll be busy over my Christmas break!
                                                                                           Have a great week!
                                                                                                             Mrs. M

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