Monday, December 17, 2012

Ooh la la! Christmas Boutique Shopping with Kindergartners!

I was so looking forward to seeing my students' sweet little faces this morning! They were full of their normal hugs and smiles first thing as they bounded through the door. Started my day off on a positive note for sure!  It was surprising (but yet I was relieved) that not one of them talked about Friday's horrific tragedy.   This made it so much easier to get our day started and enjoy all of the excitement in store for us!

Today was our SHOPPING DAY! with 22 five and six year old kiddos.

Have I lost my mind? was our school's "Christmas Boutique" day!

I love this tradition that was started years ago at our building.  Parents and local businesses donate small items for the children to purchase as gifts to give to their parents or family members.  The cost is only a $2 donation to the PTO for each child and if the child does not bring in money they are still allowed to shop.

Before we went shopping I had the kids think about who they would like to shop for.They are allowed to shop for 2 gifts.    Most of my kids want to shop for mom and dad but I had a few that wanted to shop for their grandparents.

I also filled them in on what types of items are usually at the boutique although it does vary from year to year.  Usually it is smaller items like bubble bath and candles for the moms and work gloves and  small tool kits for the dads.  However, some years some wonderful gifts have been donated!!! One year my daughter "purchased" a spa gift certificate for me!! Last year my son missed out on a Dooney & Bourke purse as a gift for me. He said he walked right by it and thought I wouldn't like it but then quickly changed his mind. His friend had snatched it up the second he turned around. I was teasing him this year to scope out the good stuff since it's his last year for the Christmas Boutique (they can shop through the 6th grade in our district.)  He laughed but seemed pretty pleased with himself when he returned home with his gift for me to put under the tree. So sweet. =)

In order to prepare for our shopping day we decided to make SHOPPING LISTS!!  I asked them to think about what they would like to buy for mom, dad or another family member.  I also asked them to draw a picture to go with their writing so they could easily remember what they were shopping for on the big day.  Here are a few of our lists.....

I love this next one! She really wanted to shop for mom and grandma.  When we went to the boutique she shopped for mom first.  The parent volunteers were then trying to direct her to the "dad's" table (see below) to get a gift for her dad. She was insistent that she had to stay at the mom's table to find perfume for her grandma because that's what she wrote on her list. Thank goodness we found some perfume at the "mom's" table for her to give grandma!!

Once we enter the "Boutique" (A.K.A. the gym) the kids are directed to the "mom's" table and the "dad's" table.  Of course they can buy for grandparents or other special relatives but it is just how we always seem to refer to these tables.  They are allowed to purchase two gifts.

A few items on the "mom's" table.

The "dad's" table!

After shopping the kids then move to the wrapping station.  For larger items we have parent volunteers that actually wrap the gifts. For the smaller gifts the kids decorated bags and then could make their own gift tags.

Now every shopper works up an appetite! After a busy morning of shopping, waiting in line and wrapping the kids can then move to the COOKIE STATION!! The weary shoppers could get their cookies and sit and watch the Polar Express on a big screen t.v.  

What an eventful morning! Now tomorrow is ANOTHER big day for's Dress Up/Manners Day! I'll be posting more on this one, but yes we are all fancy pants around here this week.  

For those still in school this week I hope you are enjoying your students as much as I am mine! Soon we will have some very much needed family time and down time.  In the meantime have fun with the kiddos!
                                                                                                 Mrs. M

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  1. Super cute idea for the store and then to have them write what they got! Thanks for sharing. I am enjoying my students through Friday:) Have a great relaxing holiday!


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