Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Few Winter Centers

Day four and we are starting to get back into the swing of things! Yay! We are off to an amazing start this semester and I can't wait to share some of our activities (especially writing....wow!) with you. In the meantime this post is rather random but I wanted to share a few of our Daily 5 choices and math station activities. I hope you find something you can use. =)

Some of our adorable snow creatures they have been creating in our art area!

Okay...I've had the above poem for YEARS  and I'm not sure where it came from. So if you recognize this please let me know so I can give credit to them.  However, this word work activity could be completed with any fun winter poem.  My kids are first "buttering" any popcorn word they can find in the poem. Next, they are asked to underline any "chunks" they can find. Finding "chunks" is a new skill for us but we are off to a good start.  Once they are finished buttering popcorn and finding chunks they can record their findings on an index card to practice reading to a partner. 

Here's another oldie but goody! Our team is great about sharing and I got this one a few years back from a now retired co-worker. This was before I discovered teacher blogs so once again I'm not sure where this gem came from. Please share if you know. =)  I'm using this activity as part of my writing work during Daily 5.  My kids are completing and making this into a  resource to keep in their writing tubs.  

For ABC work I've added this cute little beginning sound matching activity from Making Learning Fun!

Also from Making Learning Fun! is this cute little counting activity. I love when the kids can self check their answers during a center activity!

Earlier this year my kids were working with this adorable counting pigs activity for numbers 1-5.  They LOVED this and it was a favorite during math stations time until almost November. For the winter months I've decided to make a similar counting cups activity...

As an added skill I'm having them count the "snowballs" by using a tweezer.....anything to help those fine motor skills!!!!

Currently we have a couple of math stations that take less time for the kids to complete. So I always try to have some back up activities for them. Here are two of our calendar activities the kids can work on with their partner once they finish their math station.  

Earlier this year I posted about this super simple calendar activity for ways to make 5.  We've since expanded this for numbers up to 10.  I plan on leaving this as a choice for math stations and will rotate the cards for numbers 5-10.  

Super simple but they love this one. =)  Numbers 0-15 cards that they put in order together with their partner. Our 100 chart is hanging above this and is a great reference for those kids who are unfamiliar with numbers 10-15. 

Our latest name work activity in our post office center.  We are just beginning to write our last names. Many of my kiddos have no idea how to spell their last names...so this is where our post office book comes in handy!

I hope everybody is surviving this first full week back. I stayed for quite a long time after school today working on data,etc.  I'm glad to have the majority of this finished so I can begin once again to focus on creating meaningful and fun activities for my kids....with a little help from all of the wonderful bloggers out there of course!  Thank you for reading today and I hope you found something to help get your centers started in this new year!
                                                                                                    Mrs. M


  1. Totally adoring your "ways to make" a number activity. I really need my kindergartners to get better at this skill. Totally trying it!

    1. Great! I hope it works as well for your kids as it has mine. =)


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