Friday, January 11, 2013

Kindergarten Writing and Jack Frost

I LOVE January in a Kindergarten classroom!! Although I am beyond exhausted with getting back into the swing of things... I am so excited about being in school this time of the year.

In January we not only get to have all sorts of fun Winter learning centers, but it is also when our KINDERGARTEN writing really takes off!  I can see the potential of some amazing Kindergarten authors right in front of me each morning! So exciting!

When we return in January I usually begin with this little gem...
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Some years my students are really into this book and some years they are not. This year's group really seemed to enjoy this story and so we continued with some class word lists and shared writing.

When their interest in our snow topic continued we moved on with another one of my favorite books I have used with my students since I began teaching......

You can tell that this book has been well loved by the taped up spine and crinkled corners! My kids really loved this one!! Especially the illustrations.  They began working on their own snowy day stories using a writing prompt.

I love Kindergarten writing! I especially like how she is going to "fro" snowballs at her mom. =)

Besides reading big books we've also been listening to a fun winter CD I inherited from an amazing retired teacher. It also came with some cute activities. When I checked out the name on the CD it turns out you can download many of their songs for $1.  They also have work shops which is where I believe my friend got her winter packet.  Here's a link to their site: Learning Workshop

The song that we have enjoyed the most on this CD is JACK FROST!!!

They had a fun time with this cute little art activity...

Most of my kids did the art activity and included the message that Jack Frost wrote to them. However, I sent them home before I remembered to snap a picture for the blog.

We did however really get into writing our stories about Jack Frost though!! This cover went with the packet from Learning Workshop.  I told the kids they could any type of "adventure" story about Jack Frost.  Here's what a couple of them came up with:
Story 1

(Jack Frost. We are playing!)

Story 2

 "Can me and you have a snowball fight? I love Jack Frost."

"Jack Frost is going home."

"Bye Jack Frost!"

It is still early in the year (in regards to writing) and many are just now starting to feel comfortable enough to begin trying to write on their own. However, I must say I am one happy teacher! Their effort and stamina is amazing. I can't wait to see how their writing skills continue to develop!

I hope everyone survived their first full week back. As I'm writing this I'm sitting on my couch and am just too exhausted to move from this spot. =)  However, I can't wait to get back to see the little sweeties next week. After a nice relaxing weekend that is! Have a great one and rest up.
                                                                                 Mrs. M


  1. Love reading all the writing students do! Cute Jack Frost pictures!
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. I can never get enough of reading Kindergarten writing!

  2. I loved your anchor charts - that sparked an idea for my English Language Development time next week...I was already planning on using that same book. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. I love The Jacket... and The Snowy Day two of my favorites. Your anchor charts is great- I am going to do that next weeek when we read The Jacket... This week we made a project for the Snowy Day,
    ✿Tiffani Time 4 Kindergarten


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