Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Sharing....a peek at our new math and word work stations

Oh hard to get back into the routine sometimes. But this was an exciting Monday for our room! It was the 100th day and we had all sorts of fun!  Besides the various regular counting activities we also wrote about something we will be doing when we are 100! We'll be making these into a class book. So far they are turning out really cute!  

Besides celebrating the 100th day this week we'll also be getting ready for Groundhogs Day! I LOVE that I already have our favorite sub lined up to come in for a visit. She is going to make a special treat with the kids to help celebrate this day. Stay tuned....

In the mean time here is a peek at some of our math stations and word work activities.  I forgot to charge up the camera battery so these are from my phone and just a little odd looking to me. =)  However, you'll get the idea of what we are up to!

We are continuing our study of 3D shapes. Last week I put these various shapes into one of our math stations just for exploration. They loved them!!  This week they are sorting them into categories.  
3D shapes that can roll
3D shapes that can slide
3D shapes that can stack

After they sort the shapes they can write the names of the shapes on their recording sheet.  We made a list of names of the shapes but so far everyone seems to be using the sheet that came with the geometric solids instead. Go figure...

We have been working so hard on counting to 100! Here's our recording sheet for making 100 tally marks. Each child must then take a turn counting by 5's to their partner.

Last week in our math stations we had a writing to 100 activity.  Most of the kids are still completing this activity this week.  However, for my kiddos that have it finished they can make their "self portrait" of what they will look like when they are 100. I can't wait to see these!

Some of our new word work activities include make c/v/c words with dice......

We are also sorting our lower case letters by those that are
have a tail

During writing time recently my kids have really shown an interest in OUTER SPACE!! I've been busy putting out space books and posters. We'll be beginning to read just a bit about this topic tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to this next adventures with my kiddos!

                                                                                    Have a great week!
                                                                                    Mrs. M

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