Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year's Resolutions by Kindergartners

I decided not to make any resolutions this year! Something unusual for me....I tend to have a list a mile long that I actually do refer back to throughout the year.  I decided this year not to make the huge list and just jotted down a few general goals for myself and my family.  Simple things like looking for the joy in those little everyday moments, laughing more and savoring every minute of family time we are able to carve out of our very hectic schedules.  My kids are getting older and our lives are getting busier! I would love to just slow down the clock a bit and enjoy every moment.  In the meantime though I have loved listening to the resolutions made by so many others in my life!! I wish them the best!

I also was able to take a peek at Mrs. B's student resolutions! If you read this blog fairly often you know I love to feature much of what she does in her room.  This time it's her writing samples of what her kiddos would like to work on in 2013.

Enjoy....these are just way too cute!

"In 2013 I will exercise more."  Very classic....I love his picture!!!

"In 2013 I will make my bed."  I wish my kids would resolve to do this one!!

"In 2013 I will learn how to roller skate."  I bet I know what she got for Christmas this year! =)

This one is my FAVORITE! "In 2013 I will not go in my baby's face (and make her sick.)"  I love the picture(What a cute little mobile!)  and we had an AWFUL virus that swept our area recently.  I'm sure someone was told not to breath on the poor baby. =)

"In 2013 I will learn how to tie my shoes."  Every Kindergarten teacher's dream!

"In 2013 I will listen to my mom."  What a sweetie!

"In 2013 I will learn how to read."  I love how happy she looks in this picture!

"In 2013 I will eat broccoli."  Check out his least he's giving it a good try!

"In 2013 I will take my training wheels off."  Like it or not our sweet little kinders are becoming big kids just way too fast.  Enjoy this time with them.  I hope everyone has a great first day back (I'm actually on my 3rd day back) and a very happy 2013!
                                            Mrs. M


  1. Their resolutions are awesome!! I always enjoy reading what kids have to say:)
    Connie Anderson

  2. Kids don't need fancy, new things. You will not find that in most Schools either. The quality of care that your kid receives is most important.


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