Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter Writing Display

When I was a student teacher I remember the beautiful hallway displays of student work that the teachers were expected to put up for everyone to see.  As a new teacher I worked very hard to create amazing displays of my students' work.  Over the years though as the expectations of what students should be learning increased these creative displays  greatly diminished.  =(  The demands of creating more rigorous lessons and activities took up much of our time and the hallway displays were put on the back burner.
I even remember a former principal telling us to no longer worry about what we were putting in the hall but to concentrate more on what was going on in the classroom.  VERY valid point .....but I sure did miss the fun stuff in the halls. 
Now with all of the inspiration found on Pinterest and various teaching blogs I'm beginning to notice some fun displays of student work popping up again!  I love what Mrs. T (who teaches down the hall from me) put up recently to showcase her students' writing about what types of activities they like to enjoy in the winter. 
Here's a peek...........

In the Winter I like to snowboard.

In the Winter I like to build a snow fort.
In the Winter I like to have a snowball fight.
Hope you enjoyed these! I thought they were fun! My kids love looking at them in the hall when they walk by. Have a great "short" week!
                                        Mrs. M


  1. This is so cute! I just love reading their writing and those pictures on the snow make it adorable!
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. You posted editorial Winter Writing Display which gives users bunch of information concerning meticulous subject recognition for this allocate.

  3. I hang up not so pretty stuff...artfully of course....that shows my students' learning. They love when I take them and their work into the hall with a roll of masking tape and let them hang it up. We did group projects and it was delight to see how all four kiddos had a corner and walked so nicely across the room and into the hall in order to hang it up cooperatively.

  4. I just love kindergarten "writing" -- especially those hands with the long, stick fingers!

    I just finished a blog post on "Snowballs, Snowflakes and Snowmen: Winter-themed Lesson Plans" after creating an engineering project on snowman-building. I am adding this blog as a link for literacy connections after building a snowman with kinders.


    Great stuff!


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