Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Encouraging Literacy in the Block Area

The block area.

One of my favorite centers since my first year of teaching Kindergarten!

There are soooo many "academic" activities and concepts that can be addressed in this one center. Many, many math concepts are explored almost daily in my block area.  Today however I do want to focus on literacy.

I have often put books in my block area that show interesting buildings, castles, roller coasters, etc. Anything that has pictures that would possibly encourage the children to try and reconstruct.  Also, for years I've included a "block book" in this center. When the kids have created amazing structures they can record their masterpieces by drawing a picture of it in the block book.

This year though my kids will add writing to just about anything for me! So we began drawing "plans" for our block projects in the block book. Usually these are just quick drawings of what they think they want to create.

What I really find exciting is what they do when they are finished with their structures!

After creating their structure they not only draw a picture of it, but they also add a title or sentence about it.  I was so excited when I saw this! Take a peek at what's been happening in our block center recently...........

"I made a rocket."

"I made a ship."  (I just love kindergarten spelling sometimes!)

"The pine cones in the woods."

I usually let the kids leave up their structures if they are on the shelf. If they are on the carpet they have been putting them away....this carpet is where we have many group meetings. Recently I have a few boys that have been planning a "bike stunt park" for the block area.  They are really getting very technical with their measurements and what types of blocks they need. Today we decided to move the block are to a spot where they can leave their creations up for a bit.  Some didn't get the message today though and our structures were knocked down. Hopefully after a little class meeting tomorrow we can begin construction on the bike park once more. This interest is carrying over into their writing! Many are now writing about the bike park during our writing workshop time!  

Exciting times in our room! Hope you are having a great week too...
                                                                                            Mrs. M


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