Thursday, February 14, 2013

Encouraging Literacy in the House Area

Every year my mom sends me the most beautiful pink roses on Valentines Day.  As usual my class just loved them. However, this year they were insistent about putting them in the house area.  When we began centers I put the flowers in this center as requested but I also provided "observing" materials.

I'm always looking for ways to include literacy or math into my "traditional" centers.  I have various abc letters that look like cookies, grocery lists and cook books.  Today though the kids decided they wanted to decorate the house.

I just love this creative. =)

Anyway, they began with observing and drawing their representations of the flowers.

I guess I tend to focus on writing quite a bit with this class.  After this group finished their drawings they ALL added a sentence about flowers.  I was one happy teacher!

Here are their beautiful observations!

Once finished it was time to "decorate the house" with their artwork. 

My decorators were very pleased with themselves!
Happy Valentines Day!

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