Monday, February 11, 2013

The Moon is a Big Rock

The interest in our outer space topic is not winding down in my room but it is shifting a bit.  The topic of the Moon is taking over much of our writing and art creations.  Recently my kids worked on informational stories about the moon.  But once they made the connection between the moon and rocks their interest began to shift.

"The moon is a big rock. The moon orbits the Earth."

I decided to put a nice little rock display out in our science area this morning.  I just wanted to see how interested they would be in it and what types of questions and observations they would come up with.  

Let's just say it was the first thing that peaked their interest as soon as they were through the door this A.M.!  I assured them we would be talking about the rocks later in the day. However, in the meantime a few decided to write about them. Here's a peek at one of their rock facts...

"Rocks are hard to walk on." (So true!!!)  "Sometimes they are big."

Later in the day a small group had a chance to explore the rock display. Below you can see some of the fun they had observing and some of their comments as they were "being scientists!"

C:  "The sun is hitting the mirrors and making reflections!"

T:  "'s just like when the sun hits the moon and reflects off of it making it shine!!!!."

Here are the scientists trying to make their "moons" shine.

K:  "I'm using my hands to observe the rocks..they are all different."

T:  "Hey Mrs. M I'm noticing that some rocks are bumpy and some rocks are smooth!"  

I LOVE listening to their conversations and observations when they are interacting with a new material in the classroom! They particularly had a lot of fun with this today and felt like real scientists.  Below you can see their written observations we are going to keep in our rock study book.

"The rock is bumpy." In his pictures this student included his tools he used for observing the rocks.

"The rocks are gray. Rocks are different sizes."

"Rocks are little." You can also see how he sorted his observations into bumpy and smooth categories.  

Tomorrow I have a few more rock surprises in store for the kiddos! I can't wait to see how this project develops. =)   Have a great week...
                                                                  Mrs. M

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