Thursday, February 7, 2013

Unit of Study: OUTER SPACE!!

One of my favorite units to introduce to my kinders is our Outer Space Unit!! Over the years I've collected lots of fun books and materials. Above you can see our collection of non-fiction space books in our science center.  I usually just display these in this center and wait to see how interested my kids become and what types of questions they come up with about the topic.  This year they worked in partners while looking at the books and generated questions for our KWL chart about space.

This year the outer space topic peaked their interest right away! I always try to incorporate some literacy and math activities into our units that are more of a science or social studies theme.  This year I introduced a fun sensory table CVC word making game. 

As the students dig through the black paper (space) they match up CVC words.  We had some ducks and frogs in the tub from our last activity. 

The kids wanted to leave them in the tub because they were the astronauts!!! 

Too cute!

After making the CVC star words they can record them on a nearby word chart.  

We also had space themed ten frames in our math center for counting little space men and next week I have a just a couple more fun space math station activities planned.

In the meantime take a peek at some of our other fun space activities we had in our centers this week!

My wonderful model of the solar system I inherited from a fellow teacher years ago. They LOVE this.  You can see that Pluto is still a planet on this model. =)

I love our collection of planet books by Scholastic.  Several of my kids worked in small groups to research details about their favorite planets.  Although I helped them out with the written text they had amazing conversations when discussing the details of the photos and drawings in the books.  Each of the group members picked their favorite planet to read about and draw a representation of.  

Here's our model of the solar system they created after researching their favorite planets!  My class this year absolutely loves Pluto!! We did include Poor Pluto on the model and labeled it a dwarf planet.  

Our favorite fiction space book this year!

Mrs. N, our Kindergarten Para, shared an ipad space app with the class comparing the size of the different planets to Earth.  They were sooo excited about this!!!

Some of our favorite planet paintings!

After reading Poor Pluto they created their own space crafts in the art center to help save Pluto!! are some of our writing samples from this week! 

Well said.

"We do not live on the lava, we live on Earth."  They were very interested in learning that some of the other planets had lots of volcanoes and lava. 

"Pluto is not a planet."  As you can see we are very fixated on this!

We had a lot of fun learning about space! I hope you enjoyed our work!
                                                                                                   Mrs. M

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