Sunday, February 3, 2013

Updating My Cafe / Daily 5 Boards

During my journey of attempting to implement as many aspects of Daily 5 and Cafe as possible I have always struggled with creating an inviting Cafe board that was actually useful and usable in Kindergarten.  For over two years I have been implementing and tweaking the program to work for me and the kids in my room.  That is one thing I love about Daily 5 / Cafe is the fact that you can easily change it to meet your needs!  

So during a panic mode of I HAVE TO CLEAN UP MY was looking very cluttered...I decided to try and clean up the cafe board. I won't even bother showing before pictures. It was a sad mess.  

But, on the positive side at least I was giving it a shot and I only had room for improvement!  The board above shows my work in progress.  I'm sure I'll continue to make changes as the year progresses.  For now I feel this is a great change for my room.  

I found the cute space themed Cafe posters by Ivy Taul on TPT when I was searching for space themed materials.  Bonus...they were a FREEBIE! YAY!    

Once I had the posters up I took the reading strategies that have been introduced to my class and put them on magnetic sentence strips.  Before the upgraded cafe board they were just listed haphazardly. To me this looks much more organized.  

At this time I am not planning on having my students list their individual goals on the Cafe board.  For right now this would be too much for us! =)  As I am working with whole group and even small groups in this area we are using the board as a reference when discussing our reading strategies.  I have their individual reading goals under their individual section in my data binder.  

Moving on to the Daily 5 choices....

I know there are some fabulous systems out there for Daily 5 choice boards.  Earlier in the year I was using small pockets and name sticks.  However, this proved to be too time consuming for the short time frame we have for our Daily 5 choices.  

Above you can see that we actually have 6 choices. My class calls are Daily 5 time "ABC Centers" so it worked just fine to tweak the title for my room.   My "read to self" should be listed right under the "listen to reading" but was erased when I took the picture. It is always included though.  =) Anyway, I do include ABC work as an extra choice. I feel that this is very important to include with Kindergarten choices.  We also have two separate writing choices- book making and message writing.  

I have several readers in the room. I've noticed that they are really using this board as a resource to see what activities are newly added to their Daily 5 choice.  After the kids quickly make their choices I mark on the board what they have chosen.  To me this seems to take much less time than moving the name sticks as they make their choices.  Also, it's a great visual for them to see what activities they have already chosen.  Kindergartners can have very selective memories sometimes!  

The Appointment Board...

Until now I've kept track of who I need to have an individual reading or writing conference with on a calendar in my binder as the Sisters suggest.  It is a great system but my kids are very visual this year.  By putting their names on a class calendar just for this purpose they can see when their turn is coming up or request a conference for later in the week.  I also list my strategy groups for the day on the board near the calendar....the boxes are just to tiny to include everything.

Before I go for today I wanted to share an adorable project Mrs. S put up in our hallway last week.  I just loved them!  We haven't had one snow day this year yet! Not that I want a lot of or two would be great though.  Maybe these little guys will help! 


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  2. Thank you for sharing your system for Daily 5. This is my first year teaching 1/2 day kindergarten after teaching in the intermediate grades for the past 10 years. I haven't been able to figure out how to make D5 work in my 1/2 day schedule...but I'm missing it like crazy! It's my goal to figure out a way to make it work and experiment after spring break. Hopefully next year I can start from day 1 with my new class of kinders.

    Happy Teacher Heaven

    1. I can imagine that Daily 5 is amazingly easy to implement with the older grades! However, with Kindergarten my experience has been that there is no right or wrong way....just what parts of it seem to work for your and your class. I seem to be able to implement quite a bit more of it this year than what I have been in the past. It's a learning process for me too.
      Best wishes for getting it set up in a manner that works for you!


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