Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Word Work

During our Daily 5 time I actually have Daily 6. All year I've had the ABC work center as one of our choices.  I thought as the year progressed we may not need this center. However, keeping this as a choice has proven to be both beneficial and fun for this class. They not only need the continued review with letters and sounds, but they also seem to really enjoy working with the activities we have for ABC work. 

Here's a peek at what we are working on during ABC work and Word Work this week:

ABC Work
Now that my own kids are older I've been able to bring some gems from our toy closet to school. =)  These alphabet matching cubes came from Lakeshore years ago.  For ABC work I'm have the kids pick 5 letter cubes to match to the coordinating picture cube. After matching the cubes they can record their letters and the pictures that go with them. 
Word Work

Although we've finished up our space unit my kids are still very interested in this topic.  For this word work activity they are using some of our non-fiction outer space books.  They are going through the books and recording the various popcorn words they can find.  We are practicing counting by 5's and 10's right now so I've asked them to make a tally mark each time they find a word that is repeated.  This has been a great way to integrate some math into our word work time.

I LOVE my sentence building puzzle pieces!!! This year instead of just having the kids create various sentences I'm having them record their sentences onto large paper. They are to make 3 sentences during this choice time.  Most are having no difficulty with this. Many are "editing" each other's sentences for them.  I'm hearing lots of "You don't need a capital need a lowercase is  because it's not the beginning of a sentence!"  For my early finishers I'm having them illustrate pictures to go with their sentences. 
So there's what we are up to for word work this week. How about you?? I'd love to hear. =)


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