Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I am not a huge ladybug fan.

My first house was a charming 140 year old farm house. I LOVED it.  But baby number three meant we were in need of more space.

So on the market it went.  Right before 9-11 and the huge economic issues that many are familiar with. Although I loved our house I knew it wouldn't be an easy sell.  I just took a deep breath and waited patiently. 

We kept the house on the market and as luck would have it the ladybugs moved in.

Someone told me ladybugs were lucky.

I wasn't so sure about that.  Especially when I had to vacuum swarms of them off of the ceiling every time we got the call the house was going to be shown.  The ladybugs were not my friends.

But....as luck would have it our house sold rather quickly (by December of 01) and I no longer hated the ladybugs that much.

I began to really enjoy reading various ladybug books to my kiddos and always shared my vacuum story with them. They found it cute...I just love Kindergartners.

Our current reading series has a book about beetles.  This year my kids really seemed to enjoy this topic.  Here's a peek at what we worked on with ladybugs last week.  Enjoy!

Our big book from our reading series and our beetles anchor chart.

At the science center they labeled their ladybug creations!

A ladybug CVC game for word work.  The letters are stacks for vowels and consonants. They work with a partner to pull three cards and see if they can make a real word out of them.

Our ladybug addition story problems. The kids then could do their own in their math journals.

In the block area they planned a butterfly house.....

They created their butterfly house....

Finally they recorded their structure in the block book.

Hope you enjoyed our ladybug fun! Have a great week!
                    Mrs. M


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