Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Three Favorite Spots In My Room....Linky Party

As teachers many of us spend more time cleaning, organizing and decorating our classrooms than we do our own homes. =)

I try to achieve balance with this but as I'm typing this I have just finished cleaning up and organizing my classroom. I'm not going to mention the huge "to do" list of chores waiting for me at home that I probably will not get to tonight.

Since our classrooms are such a home away from home for many of us it seems quite natural to want to share some of our favorite aspects of our environments.  I was quite excited to see the linky party from Flying Into First Grade that encourages us to share our three favorite spots in our classrooms! I have enjoyed seeing what everyone appreciates most in their classrooms.  Stop by and visit those that linked up....there are some great ideas that they are sharing!

So here are my three favorite spots in my room......

The Science Center

My science center changes and evolves throughout the school year but this is how it looks currently.  You can see our plants and our butterfly condo. On our green shelf the documentation from our rock project is stored and many other items of interest such as shells, scales and magnets. Off to the side (not pictured) is a book shelf of books thematically sorted by our "science" topics and a place to store our science journals.

The Writing and Post Office Center

This is the hub of our classroom! Next to the writing table itself you can see my thematic word books that I am currently using instead of a thematic word wall. We also have a book of our popcorn words.  Next door is our post office area.  The baskets contain envelopes, letter templates, seasonal cards/paper and stickers to use as stamps.  In the post office book there is a picture of each student and their address (mailbox number.)  I have helpers deliver the mail to the mailboxes several times a week.  

The Reading Center

I LOVE to check out the reading centers that other teachers set up....so many great ideas out there. Mine seems to change each year but for now this one is working out great! =)  We have books thematically sorted and the white book tubs contain leveled readers the kids shop for and keep in their book tubs.  

Thank you for stopping by and seeing my favorite spots in my room! Don 't forget to link up and share your own.  

Have a great week!


  1. This looks awesome! Nice work,

  2. So glad I found your blog through the Let's Get Acquainted Linky Party, and am now your newsiest follower :)

    Love your classroom setup!

    The Cozy Classroom

    1. Thank you! I love the name of your blog and can't wait to check it out. =)

  3. I love the pictures of your classroom! I found you on Fern Smith's Terrific Teacher Blogs linky party. Thanks for sharing with your newest (resource room) follower, Heather

    1. Thank you Heather! So glad you stopped by. =)

  4. I really like your Science Center. I'm sure the kids just love it!!
    Connie Anderson:)

    1. Yes the do like it a lot...I'm always amazed at how well the actually clean up in this center. =)

  5. Thanks for sharing your classroom. That science centre is fabulous. I'm so glad I found your blog. Thanks for letting us peek into your classroom.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I LOVE looking at other teacher's classrooms! =)

  6. I love all three areas of your classroom. Your science centre begs to be investigated - love your green shelf and all your natural materials in baskets. I have thematic word books instead of a word wall too. I find that it is much more accessible for the children. I envy any classroom big enough for a couch in the reading area. I only wish ... Thanks for the peek into your classroom.

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    1. This is my first year to use the word books instead of a word wall. I am finding it to be a good solution to the visual clutter in the room and the kids love to get the books out to look up words. Thank you for stopping by! =)


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