Thursday, May 23, 2013

Amazing Co Workers and Paint Dotter Adding and Subtracting

I can not express how much I love my Kindergarten co-workers! Recently I've experienced the loss of my mother after her health took a huge turn for the worse. I was out of the classroom for over a week.  At the time everything was a tremendous blur to me with so many obstacles and decisions to make.      I am so blessed to be part of a team that took charge and helped me out.  A former Kindergarten team mate that retired a few years ago was able to sub for me and took care of all of my kiddos.  She really kept things moving smoothly thank goodness. Besides providing me with beautiful flowers and kind words several colleagues helped me with the HUGE amounts of paper work we have this time of year and even did some of my recess duties.

Yes....took my recess duties and helped with the paper piles.  As teachers you know how much this means!

Coming back into the room during such a busy time of the year had me so scared. But thanks to all of my amazing teacher girls it has been manageable.  I'm so looking forward to some time off and rest.  

However, being out of the classroom during the actual school year and not a school break was so strange for me.  I needed to get back to a routine and was very excited about seeing my kiddos once more. I missed them so much!

So onto some of our final math stations for the year!
Dotter Addition

My kids loved this one! They rolled their first die and made that many dots. Then continued with the second die before completing their equation. I didn't think about color coordinating the colors on the dice to the paint dotters until after we had finished.  Something for me to think about for next year. =)

Dotter Subtraction

The dotter subtraction station was a bit harder for my kids and one that I had to assist with a bit more in the beginning. Once they caught on to it though they did just fine.  After rolling the first die they made that many dots. After rolling the second die they crossed off that many dots.  I did let them to continue to roll on the second die if they rolled a number that was bigger than the first number.  

Dice Addition

This one is pretty self explanatory....but still one of their favorites!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their last few days or weeks with their classes! I am so looking forward to the organizing and planning that I manage to accomplish most summers. Hopefully this summer will be productive!  Thanks for reading....
                                                                                    Mrs. M

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