Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cleaning, organizing, vacation and bloglovin

Ah....vacation! I just love it! However, like MANY teachers I usually spend my summers working on various school related projects. Every summer for the past several years I have planned, laminated, cut, painted and worked on just about any other school project I thought I could cram into my few short weeks off.  This year I'm actually taking a few weeks OFF though and I am enjoying every minute of it. =) 

After a busy winter of attending my kids sporting events (which meant my poor house was neglected) and my mother's illness/passing this past spring I decided I really needed a mental vacation. Besides working on my mom's estate I've been getting my own house back in order. My mother was a very organized person. I tend to be too but  somewhere along the line I drifted into that land of chaos. After taking care of my mom's accounts and belongings it made me fear for what my own loved ones would have to deal with if I suddenly passed! It would be utter confusion for sure! Files here, bills there and other important paperwork put in random folders and "safe" places (which I usually forget where these safe places are.)  Upon entering my house it appears clean and organized....just don't open any drawers!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has this chaos.

I decided I not only needed to clear my head after the loss of my mother but it was time to clear my house of unnecessary clutter (mainly paper work I've held onto for some reason) and move on to a much more peaceful school year next year.

Well for me it's slowly but surely coming under control.   For those of you who would like to use your summer to get your house under control check out

FlyLady cartoon
I stumbled upon this site while reading a fashion blog of all places! The author recommended it as a starting place to get your closet and wardrobe under control.  However, it was just the kick in the pants I needed for getting my paperwork and the rest of my house back to what it should be. Flylady insists that everything can be tackled in only 15minutes a day....think baby steps.  Well for all of June I've been tackling my organization chaos in 15 minutes and I'm really starting to see a difference!
I'm getting ready to head to the beach for a much needed family vacation. Once we return I have just a few more organizing issues to tackle and then I can begin planning for next school year again.  Sometimes I think we all need a much needed break and we don't always recognize it until we are forced to.  I am so looking forward to next school year already. I know I will have my own home and "papers" under control so that I can concentrate on what needs to be taken care of in my classroom. 
Until then though you can find me on a quiet beach  reading a non-school related book. I may be napping too!  In the meantime I am jumping on the bloglovin bandwagon! I may not be posting until later in the summer but wanted to get everything set up now.  I hope all of you that have some time off are enjoying each and every minute of it! I know I am.......HAPPY SUMMER!
                                                                                                                           Mrs. M
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