Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Classroom Tour

Well just as my summer break is coming to a close so is my mini vacay from blogging!  I took a break from not only posting to this blog but ...(gasp!) also a break from reading some of my favorite teaching blogs! I know lots of you have posted some amazing ideas out there, but just like the kiddos we work with I needed a little brain break. =)  I used this summer for some major organization projects and spent a lot of time reading non-school related blogs and books.  Now that I've "returned" to school mode I am getting very excited about meeting my new set of Kindergartners!  Today I'm just posting a peek at my classroom. For those of you who check in here often not much has changed in my room this year. Just a new arrangement ( I'm ALWAYS moving furniture around) and a few new organizational ideas. 

I am rather happy with my little check in board pictured above. This was just a last minute idea that I put together when I had some left over frogs that I didn't know what to do with.  I put magnetic tape on the back and the kids can put their frog in the appropriate spot when they come in to the class room each day.  I also let one boy/one girl use the restroom during work times. When they put their frog by the boy/girl pass I will know who is out of the room at a glance.  This also helps others see if there is an opening to take a rest room break or if they'll need to wait until someone returns.  

Here's the view from our entrance. You can see my extra manipulative storage area, our guided reading table / leveled readers and the writing center is located to the right.  

Another view from our entrance that shows our large group meeting area and our reading stage. Not pictured to the left of the carpet is my teaching easel and our math station basket storage.  

I personally do not like to put out ALL of my books in my library at one time. I've tried many organizational systems over the years and it just seems to be overwhelming for my kids. on this side of the reading stage I have some books sorted thematically in tubs and on bookshelves. On the other side the open shelving allows me to store all of my leveled readers and books that go with our reading series.   The picture below shows my "hidden" storage behind the alphabet cards for loads and loads of other books.  I switch the thematic books out frequently from the hidden area to the reading stage. This keeps the kids interested in finding new books to explore and helps to keep the space organized!  The kids also have their familiar reading book tubs located behind the math shelf in the picture below.  I LOVE that the tubs are on a cart that I can wheel to my guided reading table and anywhere else in the room. 

Here's a peek at some of the other centers around our room! 

The writing center, name work area and the house area.

Once again the house area and our block area is on the other side.  

Our science center and a little glimpse of the art center. 

Finally, here is a view from my desk. I've only included this pic because I may not see it this clean again for the remainder of the year! 

I hope everyone that is getting ready to return to the classroom has a great first day! I am looking forward to once again reading my favorite blogs and gaining some fabulous new ideas!
                                                                                                        See you soon!
                                                                                                        Mrs. M 

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