Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Little Pumpkin Fun!

Well now that the hectic nature of the beginning of the school year is starting to wind down we are ready to begin one of our first themes of interest in our room.  Since signs of Fall are all around us now AND we conveniently take a class field trip to a pumpkin patch it seems only fitting that one of our first units be related to pumpkins in some way.

Besides the usual comparing, sorting and measuring activities my class had a little fun with the pumpkins in some of our centers. Take a peek at what we've been up to...

At our light table the children are able to create their own pumpkin patch using various materials from our art center.  They have fun creating a different version of their pumpkin patch each day.

Also in our block area various representations of the pumpkin patch have been created.  I love how they incorporated the use of our math manipulatives to show their version of Fall leaves.

In our Science center we have been sorting, measuring and comparing our pumpkins.  We've also started a documentation book of our pumpkin observations.
Finally.....It wouldn't be a unit of interest in my room if we didn't write about it. =)   Here are some of their writing samples from last week. Like many other Kindergarten classrooms we are just getting started with our writing workshop time. Our writing skills vary greatly from one student to the next but I love how they are really trying their best so early in the school year!

Over the next few days we will decorate our pumpkins and eventually we will get to toast the pumpkin seeds from our big pumpkin! One of my favorite times of the year!
                                                                        Mrs. M

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