Friday, November 22, 2013

What We Are Interested In Now....the St. Louis Arch

Whoo-hoo! We have our first big project going on! I'd been waiting to find something the children were very interested in on their own.  I tend to do a lot of thematic teaching but prefer it when the children begin to show interest in something that we can begin to investigate together! 

Sooo....this one started with a map.  Several were very interested in drawing their own pictures of Texas and Alaska.  At some point someone found St. Louis and said they just saw the Arch that weekend. 

We live in a small town about 45 minutes away from St. Louis so the Arch is reasonably close enough for many of my kids to have seen before.  Once the discussions of the Arch began we started investigating books about the monument. 

When I began some discussions with the kids about their drawings/writing about the Arch I discovered that many did not know it was in St. Louis. A few told me Chicago and even more thought it was in our hometown!  So we created an Arch word list to help us with our writing and began reading about what other things there are to see in St. Louis. 

My kids really love this picture of the last piece of the Arch being placed. They have studied it over and over again as they try to create their own block structures of the Arch.

One of my students was very excited to share a picture of her Great Grandpa who had helped to build the Arch!!  She was quite famous herself on the day she brought this in!  =)

Some of our Arch sculptures

A mural a small group created

A plan for an Arch block structure

The finished project!
The interest in the Arch has been going strong for about two weeks now. I plan on bringing in some models of the Eiffel tower to see where they go with that.  I'm hoping Mr. M would consider sending me on  a field trip to Paris so I can bring home some actual photos of it for the kids to observe.  One can only dream.......


  1. I see the Arch every morning on my way to school! We must not be that far apart.... :-) The work looks terrific!
    Chrissy ReadWriteSing

    1. Chrissy,
      We are about 45 minutes West of downtown. =) The Arch is something that some of my kids have not seen but close enough that most of them have. What was nice about this project is that a few of kids talked their parents into taking them on a trip to visit the Arch. So exciting for them! Too bad the funding is not there for a class trip to visit though.

  2. I have watched the way my kid is spoken to, from far off when the instructors were unaware that I am there, and it was an extremely charming view. (You are who you are at the time when nobody is looking!)

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  4. It's really cool. I think this is the right way to teach children. Not just telling them about something or, which is even worse, just tell them to read about something, but making a research together. If you do so, they will understand and remember much more information. It's the way is using in theirs work. Not just writing, but making researches.


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