Thursday, February 20, 2014

A License to Read!

Do you remember when you got your very first driver's license?  Many of us do and remember it very fondly! =) 

Well the kiddos down the hall from our class in Mrs. D's room get to earn their license a little early....just it's not a drivers license but a READING LICENSE! 

Mrs. D has been using this tool for some time now to help her students choose good fit books for their familiar book baskets.  Everyone in her room is issued a Beginner's License with a black dot on it. 
The black dot (under their age) corresponds with the first of her leveled tubs in her class library.

Above you can see her orange tubs which have the black dots on them. Students start by choosing books from the first tub and progress onto tub three. 
Once they feel that the black dot books in tub three are too easy they can schedule a conference with Mrs. D.  Together they will decide if they are ready to move onto the next level of books.
After they move onto the next color/level they are issued an upgraded license!! Whoo-hoo!!   Mrs. D puts a new color sticker on their license and they can begin to choose books from the next level.  They get so excited when they are able to upgrade!!
What a fun way to encourage reading to self or reading to others! =)
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