Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Our Bird Nest Discoveries

An interest in "birds" has been common among many of my students this entire school year.  It started  last fall when a student brought in a petrified hummingbird, lovingly named "Anna", in for us to observe.  At that time I really thought it would turn into a large inquiry but the children's interest veered off in another direction.  They did however continue to paint birds from time to time and add them to a decorative tree in our room.
Our same friend who shared Anna the Hummingbird with us recently brought in a new bird's nest for us to observe.  The children began making little eggs to place in this nest and one that we already had in our science center. 
You can imagine their excitement when our wonderful custodian, Ms. Melissa, brought in an abandoned Robin's nest for us to observe!
We quickly got to work with recording our observations and wonderings!
The word list/anchor chart has been particularly helpful in assisting the children with their independent writing about the eggs and nest.  We created the chart together during a class meeting.
During our class discussions it became clear that the children understood why mama bird left the nest.  It was in a garden and they decided there was too much noise with the tractors and gardening going on.  What they were disappointed about was the fact that our eggs would not hatch. =(  They were hoping for some baby Robins to care for I think.  As a substitute we watched videos together of baby Robins hatching and also one of a mama Robin building her nest. 
We have a lot of other exciting things going on in our room right now but I am curious to see if their interest in the Robin's nest will continue.  I know some have expressed a desire to have Anna the Hummingbird come back for another visit!

In the meantime we will continue to observe and move on to the next big item of interest!  So much to do in so little time.....only 25 school days left!


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